7 Clever Ways to Use a Storage Cart in Your Home

Seriously, every room could use a storage cart as décor—and it's incredibly functional, too.

7 Clever Ways to Use a Storage Cart in Your Home
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We’re on a roll coming up with all of the smart ways to use a storage cart in your home (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). But in all seriousness, when your house is a little light on closet or drawer space, a rolling storage cart can be organization’s greatest ally. Not only can you move your supplies wherever you need them, but carts also make the display beautiful as well. They’ve mastered that out-in-the-open but still organized and aesthetically pleasing look. Read on for inspo.

Create an Incredibly Useful Nightstand

Any sleep expert will tell you how important it is to keep everything you need for a good night’s sleep right by your bed. Reading glasses, books, an alarm clock, and a drink of water within reach means you don’t have to get out of bed to find them. This tiered cart offers just the right amount of space to keep all the necessities nice and organized.

Set Up a Stylish Bar

We know bar carts aren’t anything new, but they’re so darn useful if you love to entertain. Multiple levels offer not only a place to mix up cocktails but storage for all the essentials underneath. Instead of a traditional bar area, a rolling storage cart on wheels lets you whisk it out of the way of guests. Or you can bring the drinks where everyone seems to be congregating. (Get delicious cocktail recipes.)

Use a Cart as Extra Counter Space

You can never have too much surface area in the kitchen. And unless you have your dream kitchen (all power to you), a kitchen storage cart can give you that extra space you need for meal prep. If you need extra room for all of your glassware and gadgets, invest in a version with multiple levels and pull-out drawers.

Create the Perfect Desk for Your Home Office

Working from home and working in a creative field can be a one-two punch for tons of materials and clutter. Keep all of your supplies or props organized on a tiered rolling cart. If you’re not feeling inspired by your desk set-up, take the show on the road and head to another part of your home or apartment. If you do have to hoard, you might as well make it look good.

Store Extra Dishes and Plates

Storing large serving platters, bowls, and plates can take up a ton of space in your cabinets. Instead of trying to make them fit, why not display these beauties instead? A multi-tiered cart can save your favorite pieces from chips and breaks while keeping them all ready to use. Fun fact: You use items you see more often than if they’re tucked away. There’s no need to save your favorites for special occasions only.

Make an Indoor Garden

If it’s a struggle for your plants to find sunshine, wheel them around until you find just the right spot for them to get the nutrients they need. But really, a metal cart is the perfect place to store plants and garden supplies. It wipes down easily if there’s overflow or dirt and allows rays of light to reach even the bottom layer of plants. It’s a smart way to enjoy gardening even if you’re short on window space (see chic houseplant accessories).

Set Up a Beverage Cart for Guests

While you’re whipping up a culinary masterpiece, it’s always handy if guests can help themselves to things without having to ask you. Empower them by setting up a cart with beverages on ice and all the fixings they’d need. Glasses, straws, bottle openers; play to your audience to decide what to keep on the cart. Enlist a helpful friend to keep an eye on it and replenish if it runs low.

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