Forget Accent Walls—This Paint Trend Is Taking Over

It's an easy way to add color to a room.

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If you've never thought about painting the interior doors in your home before, you may want to consider it. Painted interior doors, just like painted front doors, are tough to resist. The painting interior doors trend has been making its rounds on Instagram and Pinterest. It's a colorful, playful way to bring character to a space, with less risk and commitment than an accent wall or a fully painted room.

Why Paint Interior Doors?

Tina Nokes, the owner of Neighborly company Five Star Painting Loudoun, says she and her team are seeing many people painting the insides of their front doors black. At the same time, they're seeing accent walls starting to fade in popularity. The painted door look—especially when paired with lighter surrounding trim and wall paint—is striking and dramatic. Plus, painting a single door (instead of a whole wall or room) can add up to serious interior house painting savings!

Which Interior Doors Should You Paint?

Don't limit painting interior doors to the back of the front door; consider other doors around your home. Even a sliding barn door is a candidate for a fresh coat of paint, and an unexpected hue will add even more personality.

"We've had a few people that have painted several interior doors," Nokes says. "On the main level, they'll paint them black and keep the door jamb around it white." The visual contrast is eye-catching.

What Color Should You Paint Interior Doors?

As with any decision regarding paint colors, consider the atmosphere you hope to create in your home. A bright color will add energy to a space, while a neutral or muted tone will help the room feel soothing and peaceful. Black—the color Nokes says most people choose—is both dramatic and understated. If you're considering painting interior doors, perhaps the easiest color to start with is black.

Elyza Brillantes, a Colorado-based interior designer, also loves the look—she even convinced a client to paint the inside of his front door black. "It's such an unexpected and really cool way to infuse some personality into your space," she says. "In a small space, or a historic space where you can't do a ton of changes to the actual property, painting the door is such a fun and cool way to add a little character."

Will Painted Interior Doors Replace Accent Walls?

Brillantes doesn't think accent walls are completely on their way out of fashion but are going to be approached differently, she says. The accent walls of the near future might be more muted or have more texture, rather than contrasting paint color, she adds. Or, perhaps, the painted interior doors trend will fulfill our need for color. Only time will tell.

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