4 Decorative Napkin Folding Ideas

Monogrammed yellow napkin
Photo: Levi Brown

You don't have to be an origami master to make a linen napkin feel extra special.

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1. Letter Perfect

Monogrammed yellow napkin
Levi Brown

Personalize each napkin using a letter stencil and fabric paint (sold at craft stores). To prevent bleed-through stains, wash the napkins first and place a sheet of wax paper under the top layer before you paint.

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2. Photo Finish

Photo napkin ring
Levi Brown

Cut a two-inch-wide strip from a four-by-six-inch photograph or color photocopy. Roll up the napkin, wrap the photo strip around it, and seal the strip shut with double-sided tape.

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3. Bread-and-Butter Note

Red napkin with a note
Levi Brown

Fold the napkin into a long, skinny rectangle, then tie it into a loose knot. Write a guest's name on a piece of paper and slip it into the knot, or jot down a sweet note to greet each person at his seat.

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4. Classic Server

Folded napkin with silverware
Levi Brown

Fold the napkin in half horizontally, edges facing away from you. Fold the top open edge down to the center fold, then turn the napkin over. Fold in the right side, then the left, so that they overlap in the center. Turn the napkin over again. Fill the pocket with silverware.

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