Get ready for a more playful and relaxed home in 2019.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated November 15, 2018
2019 Design Trends from Modsy - Neutrals
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

A new year is just around the corner, and already everyone from design pros to shopping guides such as the IKEA catalog is coming out with predictions for the biggest design trends and paint colors of 2019. They can’t all be the biggest 2019 decorating trends, but bits and pieces of each prediction list may pop up in showrooms, living rooms, and Instagram feeds across the country.

Alessandra Wood, the Director of Style at interior design service Modsy, is predicting three driving forces behind 2019 home décor trends: “It’s all about the three Cs: Color, Curves, and Comfort,” she says in Modsy’s 2018 State of the Home trend report. Everything from furniture to paint colors and wall art will be influenced by these design philosophies in 2019, Modsy predicts—see how below.

2019 Design Trends from Modsy - Curved Furniture
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

Design Trend: Curved Furniture

“Hard lines are being traded in for softer curves,” Wood says. She predicts couches (think the luxe curved pink sofa from the goop x CB2 collab), wardrobes, and more will start to ditch mid-century modern–inspired straight edges for gently rounded backs and sides in 2019. Try the trend by incorporating a round-backed chair or pouf into the living room—both are easily removed if the look doesn’t quite work.

2019 Design Trends from Modsy - Playful Artwork
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

Design Trend: Playful Art

Wood calls this Classic Whimsy: “We’re going to see Classical subjects of art presented in a whimsical style, creating a modern spin on a once very serious theme,” she says. Look for classical art subjects such as animals, flowers, or people juxtaposed on surprising backgrounds, or with out-of-place elements incorporated in. The balance of tradition and contemporary playfulness will let these pieces fit into any existing décor.

2019 Design Trends from Modsy - Neutrals
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

Design Trend: Dramatic Neutrals

Neutral color palettes with strong contrasting elements—picture an all-grey palette with a pop of fuchsia, as in this sophisticated nursery—will be all over in 2019, Wood predicts. She expects them to be increasingly dramatic, a departure from the all-neutral palettes often seen now.

2019 Design Trends from Modsy - Paint Strokes
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

Design Trend: Paint Prints

“We’re going to see patterns that reflect the artist’s hand and brushstroke in rugs, pillows, and other textile prints,” Wood says. This trend can appear everywhere from bedding and rugs to wallpapers and custom paint jobs. The patterns can also be in almost every color, so they can fit easily in almost any space—no major reno required.

2019 Design Trends from Modsy - Natural Finishes
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

Design Trend: Natural Finishes

Container gardening and other indoor greenery décor has been big for a while now—and Wood expects the trend to just keep getting bigger. “2019 is all about layering them,” she says. She suggests bringing natural textures into the home by incorporating jute rugs or storage baskets, rattan chairs, or woven wall-hangings, as well as plants.