Watch Designer Riche Holmes Grant Help a Couple Turn 100 Square Feet Into a Multipurpose Office and Guest Room

In this episode of Home Upgrade, designer Riche Holmes Grant helps a couple turn a small spare room into a chic yet functional workspace and guest room.

Can 100 square feet become the perfect office-slash-guest-room? That was the hope of homeowners Seong and Jeremy, who needed their second bedroom to serve as Jeremy's office most of the time, but be available as a guest room when people come to visit.

Designer Riche Holmes Grant found ways to make the small room work for them with clever furniture that serves double duty—and tucks away easily when the room needs to shift from workspace to sleeping space.

Using color in unconventional ways—such as painting a bold blue ceiling with white walls—helps the room feel fresh, and makes the all-white lighting fixture pop. Clear acrylic furnishings and accessories give Seong and Jeremy the storage they need, without giving the room a cluttered feel.


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Dark Cobalt Blue Matte Interior Paint

Photo of Dark Cobalt Blue Matte Interior Paint
Courtesy of Home Depot

A bold blue ceiling was the centerpiece of the room—and a real conversation starter during Jeremy's Zoom calls.

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#52 White Flat Low Odor Interior Paint

Photo of #52 White Flat Low Odor Interior Paint
Courtesy of Home Depot

Using white on the walls helps the tucked-away Murphy bed and desk blend into the background.


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MOJNA - Pendant lamp shade

Product photo of a MOJNA - Pendant lamp shade
Courtesy of Ikea

This sleek, modern light fixture from IKEA is made of recycled plastic and renewable viscose—and stands out against the blue ceiling.


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Orange and yellow polygonal geometric pattern Rug

Product photo of a Orange and yellow polygonal geometric pattern Rug
Courtesy of Society6

Simple artwork in a bold hue makes a statement without making the room feel too "busy."

Desk Wall

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Modern Home Office Swivel Arm Accent Chair with Wood Legs

Photo of a Modern Home Office Swivel Arm Accent Chair with Wood Legs
Courtesy of

The bold-hued office desk chair has a cozy, comfy feel that makes a great guest room chair, too.

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White Dylan-Mackie Floating Desk

Photo of a White Dylan-Mackie Floating Desk
Courtesy of Wayfair

A floating desk makes it easy to fold away the workspace when the work day is done.

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Acrylic Floating Shelf

Photo of a Acrylic Floating Shelf
Courtesy of Amazon

Clear floating shelves organize books and work materials—and "disappear" into the background.

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Wall Hanging Glass Planter Bud Vase in Wood Stand

Photo of a Wall Hanging Glass Planter Bud Vase in Wood Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Pretty wall planters let you add plants or flowers to the room for a bit of nature—without taking up valuable real estate.

Bed Wall

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White Gwendolene Murphy Bed

Photo of a White Gwendolene Murphy Bed
Courtesy of Wayfair

Murphy beds are ideal for multi-use spare rooms. This takes up less than 15 inches of space when it's folded up onto the wall.

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Padova Abstract Stripes Outline 3-piece Duvet Cover Set

Photo of Padova Abstract Stripes Outline 3-piece Duvet Cover Set on a bed
Courtesy of

The bold pattern on this ultra-soft bedding helps it fit in with the rest of the room's design.

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Floating Wall Shelf

Photo of a Floating Wall Shelf
Courtesy of Wayfair

A floating wall shelf with a built-in light is a perfect addition above the desk, providing a spot to stash work materials along with a recessed task light.

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PAX Wardrobe Frame

Photo of a PAX Wardrobe Frame
Courtesy of Ikea

No closet? No problem! A sleek wardrobe has plenty of room for your guest's belongings, plus space to stash extra bedding, work files, or other essentials.

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Photo of a FARDAL Door
Courtesy of Ikea

High-gloss white doors help hide clutter in the wardrobe without detracting from the rest of the design.

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KOMPLEMENT Soft closing hinge

Photo of 3 KOMPLEMENT Soft closing hinges
Courtesy of Ikea

Use soft-closing hinges to give your wardrobe the feel of a high-end built-in.

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Photo of BILLSBRO Handles installed on a cabinet
Courtesy of Ikea

Curved handles make it easier to open drawers.

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KOMPLEMENT Clothes rod

Photo of a KOMPLEMENT Clothes rod
Courtesy of Ikea

Keep a few empty hangers on the clothes rod for your guests to hang their clothing.

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Photo of a KOMPLEMENT Drawer
Courtesy of Ikea

Sleek drawers can help keep work or home essentials organized and stowed away in your room.

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Acrylic Flower Vase

Photo of a Acrylic Flower Vase
Courtesy of Amazon

This sleek vase makes a great home for a floral arrangement—or turn it into a container for pens and pencils, brushes, or other essential items.

Window Wall

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Caylee Wheel End Table

Photo of a Caylee Wheel End Table
Courtesy of Wayfair

A rolling end table made of clear acrylic "disappears" to reduce clutter in your space—and has plenty of shelves to hold your essentials.

Door Wall

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Eugene 37.52'' Console Table

Photo of a Eugene 37.52'' Console Table
Courtesy of Allmodern

Keep your furnishings in the same clear acrylic family with a simple console table.

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Wireless Battery Operated LED Picture Light with Remote

Photo of a Wireless Battery Operated LED Picture Light with Remote
Courtesy of Amazon

Avoid worrying about cord management with a battery operated lamp that can be placed over the desk or on the bedside.

The light can be directed where you want it, and the included remote lets you dim the lights and program them to go on and off.

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