This array gets its contained, systematic style from artwork stacked in columns. Here’s the how-to, plus where to buy the art shown.

By Rachael Weiner
Craning your neck to see a piece of art: awkward. “You want your eyes to move around a room in a fluid way, which only happens if you’re eye to eye with the art,” says New York City designer Suysel dePedro Cunningham. The Fix: Try Cunningham’s hanging trick: “Visually divide the room into four sections horizontally and hang your art in the one that’s second from the top. To make sure you get the layout right, trace the frames onto paper, cut those pieces out, and tape them to the walls before you hang the art.”
Johnny Miller

Before hanging, trace each frame onto newspaper and play around with the cutouts taped to the wall until you find a setup that feels well-proportioned. Put some of your biggest, boldest pieces below, lining up their bottom edges. Build up vertical columns from there.

The artwork (clockwise):

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