Make the party memorable, without spending a fortune (or prepping for days). 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 22, 2019

Many of us love Thanksgiving so much that we've decided one day of feasting just wasn't enough. That's where Friendsgiving comes in. Typically scheduled throughout November and December (generally not on Thanksgiving Day itself), Friendsgiving, as the name suggests, is celebrated with the family you choose. Surrounded by friends, the event is in theory supposed to be a more low-key version of the actual holiday. But how do you keep it fun and festive (read: relaxed!) when you're hosting a big group? Start with simplified takes on your favorite fall recipes, then add some easy Friendsgiving decor ideas.

To learn how to create Friendsgiving decor that feels special yet low-effort, we chatted with video producer and lifestyle guru Lucie Fink at the Friendsgiving party she hosted with the help of the Wells Fargo Propel Card. From setting the right mood lighting to creating a warm and cozy vibe, here are 10 simple Friendsgiving decor ideas to make your party memorable.

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1 Floating Candles

Fill glass cups or jars with water, add some cranberries, then place some floating candles on top. It's a "simple and festive way to make the space feel elevated but super cozy," says Fink.

2 DIY Some Natural Potpourri

How to make your home smell like the holidays, without the artificial scents? Fill glass mason jars with fresh rosemary sprigs and place them around the room. The effect will be subtle and nostalgic.

3 Pick a "DJ"

Fink recommends delegating tasks to each of your guests. For the friend who always has the best playlists, let them play DJ for the night by choosing the Spotify playlist or Sirius XM radio station.

4 Plan for Coats and Shoes

It is winter, after all, so expect your friends to come bundled up with coats, scarves, and potentially snow-covered boots. Leave a shoe rack out in the hall, clear out closet space, or throw a spare bed sheet down over your bed to provide a spot for your guests to drop off their winter gear.

5 Bake Something

Right before your friends show up, warm up the pie or dessert in the oven (even if you ordered it on Seamless, no one will know). It will make your entire place smell great, no artificial scents necessary.

6 Light the Yule Log

You don't need a real working fireplace to give the impression you're sitting around a cozy fire. Search "yule log" on YouTube, Fink recommends, or choose the setting on Netflix. Some versions are accompanied by classic Christmas songs, while others have authentic crackle sounds.

7 String Up Lights

Hang bauble lights up near the ceiling to set the vibe, Fink says. It may not be Christmas yet, but glowing string lights make any room feel instantly cozier.

8 Take a Picture (It Will Last Longer)

If you have one, leave out a Polaroid camera, Fujifilm Instax, or Sprocket so everyone can snap some instant photos. Let guests take their photos home to hang up on their wall or fridge—it's much more memorable than letting the photos get lost on your phone's camera roll.

9 Use a Garland as a Centerpiece

Rather than fuss with lots of fresh flowers, weave a garland of greenery (either real or faux) down the center of the table as a simple centerpiece. Add a few of those floating votive candles to finish the look.

10 Mix and Match

If you don't own enough matching place settings or even chairs for every single guest, don't worry! Mismatched plates and having some guests pull up a stool or perch on a bench will only add to the relaxed feeling of a laid-back Friendsgiving.