Try These Feng Shui Colors for a Happier Home

How to use color for more than just making your house look pretty.

Feng shui colors can change the environment and vibe of your home, but it's more than just making a space look better aesthetically. Contrary to what many people believe, feng shui isn't a method or style of decorating. It is both an art and science meant to balance and harmonize, which will ultimately increase your personal energy levels.

Feng shui triggers your subconscious brain to make new choices according to what you want to bring into your life. Whether you seek money, balance, happiness, or a renewed sense of clarity, feng shui can help.

Using Color

An easy way to feng shui your home is to employ color. According to feng shui expert, Ashley Cantley, "Color has a profound effect on how you behave and on your energy level—it can increase or decrease it. Depending on the color, you can feel relaxed, anxious, tired, wide awake, hungry, and even romantic."

Choose feng shui colors for your home based on what you feel you need more of in your life. For example, if you're trying to create good luck, Cantley says to use the color purple: "I like to use purple, which has a long history of being connected to divinity, royalty, and is the color associated with the intuitive third eye."

Purple is also a great color if you're trying to attract money. Green is another feng shui color for money and abundance, in particular. "Gold and silver also signify wealth, and black represents the water element. Water equals money in feng shui," Cantley says.

According to feng shui, it is especially important to choose the colors of everything in your home very carefully, from paint to decor and furniture. Even just substituting one color for another can improve your state of mind. Whether you're refreshing a room or giving your entire space a makeover, here are the best feng shui colors for your home.

Front Door

Start at the beginning. Choosing the right feng shui front door color can make a difference in how you feel coming home every day. "The front door is important because all opportunities enter through it," Cantley says. If you have a recessed front door, it is essential to create more energy around it using color. "Red is a great choice, as is green and black," she says.

Paen Black by Farrow & Ball is a bold black color that will make your front door pop, especially if your house is white or gray. Red is another color that can stand out and look welcoming; Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball is a deep and sophisticated shade.

For those who prefer a more muted color for their front door, green is the best choice. Farrow & Ball's Breakfast Room Green is fresh and clean looking.


"White is a great color for the kitchen because the focus becomes the food, the colors of the food, and how you're nourishing your body," Cantley says. If your kitchen is undergoing a major renovation, consider white cabinetry and especially a white countertop. Skip the dark woods and black granite. At the very least, try to eat off-white plates, like CB2's Taper White dinnerware collection ($8-$37;


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. "To keep your love life hot and romantic, peach calls it in and pink is super romantic," Cantley says. In fact, pink is the color of love in feng shui.

An easy way to feng shui your bedroom is with new bedding. Buy soft, luxurious sheets and a new comforter or duvet. Ashbury Pink by Crane & Canopy ($35-$169; is a beautiful pink flower print set against a neutral gray color. The design has a balance to it that will likely earn the approval of both partners.

If pink or peach isn't quite the vibe you're going for, Cantley suggests buying green linens because "the color is restorative and a great choice for vitality." The Valencia Porcelain Green Pintuck set by Crane & Canopy ($35-$159; is a soft, satin color. With a thread count of 400, it's also extra luxurious.

Paint is another aspect of the design to consider. Current Mood by Clare is a dramatic, bold green that can even just be used on an accent wall.

Living Room

It's important to choose the right feng shui living room colors because it's a place where there are many different people and energies. Bright blues and greens will attract happier energy into your home. An easy way to do this is by hanging wallpaper with nature themes like birds and flowers, such as Brewster Home Fashions Blue Chinoiserie Floral ($17 per roll;


"There are so many possibilities for an office," Cantley says. "White or pastels help stimulate creativity, green represents growth, black represents the water element and is associated with money, and purple represents clarity. Another choice is to go with earth tones if you tend to feel stressed at work."

An ideal way to use feng shui colors in your home office is with your desk. The Marotta Writing Desk ($204; is available in several hues, including white, pastels, and several shades of green. It even comes in an espresso wood finish.


Your bathroom should be a sanctuary. Cantley says there are several approaches to feng shui colors in this room. "Shades of green, blue, and earth tones are soothing and can help you cultivate a spa-like self-care practice. Black is also a great color," Cantley says.

Bathrooms are easy to feng shui because it's just a matter of getting new towels, bath accessories, or a shower curtain. The Piedmont shower curtain ($30; comes in several feng shui colors, including seafoam green, gray, black, and taupe.

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