This display is easily adaptable, so you can add pieces or shift them around when you want. Here’s the how-to, plus information on the art shown.

By Rachael Weiner
Johnny Miller

There’s no measuring or hammering needed with an ultra-adaptable, leaning-on-ledges display that lets you add pieces or shift them around when you want. Position the frames so they’re overlapping slighting in an uneven (not uniform) way. The goal: a silhouette of undulating heights. This picture ledge is 3 1/2 inches deep—enough to layer two framed pieces. Want to add a plant or a vase? Try a ledge that’s deeper than 4 inches.

The artwork (left to right):

  • Vintage Spools by Jennifer Steen Booher, $20 (8 by 8 inches),
  • Tour Esso by Matthew Trygve Tung, $240 (18 by 26 inches),
  • Passing Through by Ky Anderson, $240 (20 by 16 inches),
  • Every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan by Jenny Odell, $60 (11 by 11 inches),
  • Distant Island Pier by Julia Contacessi, $60 (16 by 16 inches),
  • Lake Michigan, Chicago by Daniel Seung Lee, $240 (20 by 16),
  • House by the Water, by Paul Klee, $40 (12 by 9 inches),
  • Churchill Gardens by Matthew Trygve Tung, $80 (9 by 12 inches),
  • Natural Selections XIII by Jason Burch, $24 (8.5 by 11 inches),
  • House of Earth and Light by Andrew Holder, $50 (16 by 20 inches),
  • Blue Wash Blocks by Kelly Witmer, $35 (10 by 12 inches),

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