Copy their on-trend looks for a home worthy of a princess.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated January 23, 2019
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Disney princess decor - Cinderella
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

Children (and costume-passionate adults) love dressing up as Disney princesses. People of all ages love watching movies and TV shows about them. Artists, writers, storytellers, designers, and more are inspired by their happy stories. And everyone loves getting a photo with them at Walt Disney World. Even with all that adoration and cultural fascination, though, there are very few ways to actually make your surroundings resemble those of one of Disney’s fairytale princesses—until now.

The design team at interior design startup Modsy reimagined how the starring princesses from iconic Disney movies Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Mulan, Snow White, and Moana might decorate their spaces as adults in 2019. With contemporary furnishings, paint color selections, and styles, the team put together renderings of what a room in each princess’s home would look like—so if you always wanted to be Cinderalla, now’s your chance to decorate like her, down to the wall art.

This isn’t Modsy’s first foray into reimagining fictional spaces. The design team has created modern projections of what the Golden Girls house and Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment (of Sex and the City fame) might look like today, among other TV- and movie-famous homes. This take on Disney princesses’ decorating styles is a slightly new direction, though, and likely one any Disney fan will appreciate.

See how six popular princesses would decorate below, but just be prepared: You’ll likely be tempted to buy everything you see. (Who doesn’t want to live like a princess, after all?)

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Disney princess decor - Cinderella
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

1 Cinderella

This original Disney princess has a refined, elegant taste in décor and a penchant for blues, ivory, and gold—just like her famous ball gown. Modsy’s team recreated what her living room might look like, post–happy ending, with rich velvet pieces, ivory chairs, and brass accents. Small details (like the bird-accented bookcase and the pumpkin-inspired pouf) refer to iconic figures in the original movie.

Get the look: Charcoal Blue by Sherwin-Williams on the walls; Andi Sofa, from $2,098; Zoe Bios Islands Rug, from $349; Elke Rectangular Glass Coffee Table with Brass Base, $839;

Disney princess decor - Mulan
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

2 Mulan

Mulan may be one of the most independent Disney princesses, which is reflected in Modsy’s rendering of what her living room might look like today in clean, streamlined lines and minimal décor. Eastern-inspired touches, like the rug and decorative accents, refer to her status as a great hero of China.

Get the look: Black Satin by Benjamin Moore on the walls; Improvisation with White Frame/No Mat, $349; Kennedy Wood Pendant Light, $870; Black Band Large Hamper, $98;

Disney princess decor - Belle
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

3 Belle

The titular beauty of Beauty and the Beast is a total bookworm—note the books scattered around Modsy’s interpretation of how she might decorate her living room. A yellow couch, inspired by her memorable yellow ball gown, serves as the focal point of the space, balanced by furniture with classic Parisian silhouettes (she is French, after all) and lush velvets.

Get the look: Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore on the walls; Darby Home Co Fairmount Cocktail Ottoman in Velvet Navy, $248; Louisa Bergere Chair, $899; Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Lighted China Cabinet Hutch, $2,339;

Disney princess decor - Moana
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

4 Moana

The newest princess included in Modsy’s reimagined series, Moana is an adventurer—and the Modsy team decided she needs a relaxing space to come home and relax. Tropical accents inspired by her Polynesian roots define the space, and boho pieces reflect the Disney princess’s playful, energetic attitude.

Get the look: Gulfstream by Sherwin-Williams on the walls; Mistana Cherish Pouf, $149; Fan Natural Rattan Room Divider, $599; Carved Lovella Daybed, $1,498;

Disney princess decor - Snow White
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

5 Snow White

Snow White’s suggested style is modern farmhouse, and in Modsy’s imagination of what her modern-day bedroom might look like, rustic elements and organic colors define the space. Furnishings are comfortable and lived-in, and references to nature (plus nature-inspired materials, such as woven accents and wood textures) are all over.

Get the look: Ripe Olive by Sherwin-Williams on the walls; Solid La Jolla Baskets, from $78; Tufted Bettina Rug, from $158; Forest Canopy Bed, $4,698;

Disney princess decor - Elsa from Frozen
Credit: Courtesy of Modsy

6 Elsa

The elder of the two princesses in Frozen, Elsa has a style that revolves around solitude and comfort—and celebrating her Scandinavian background. Her cozy reimagined bedroom has, predictably, an icy color scheme warmed by soft folk patterns and faux hides and furs. Acrylic and mirrored details help the room feel cooler without seeming frigid.

Get the look: Stunning by Benjamin Moore on the walls; June Blue Patterned Wool Rug, from $499; Aragon Stone Grey and Silver Chair, $299; Mistana Marsh Table Lamp, $164;