They get a lot of buzz as blanket ladders, but a simple ladder—an organizing master-tool—can help store items neatly in every room.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated January 03, 2019
Decorative Ladder Ideas Blanket Ladder Living Room
Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Decorative ladder ideas often feature blanket ladders heavily, and with good reason. Blanket ladders display throws and heirloom quilts beautifully while keeping them contained (i.e., not strewn across every seating surface). Decorative ladder ideas can go so far beyond just blanket ladders, though. Wooden ladders lend a rustic vibe to every room, while metallic or painted ones feel more boho and relaxed.

Picking a decorative ladder that fits seamlessly into a space is an accomplishment in itself. But putting that ladder to good use to organize your space is a whole other challenge. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to put one to work. Some decorative ladders are available with specialized storage add-ons, like baskets or shelves, while simpler styles can contain blankets, towels, clothes, scarfs, and more. Storage ladders work especially well in small spaces—like barn doors, they take up just a bit of space while offering a decorative accent and a practical use.

Take these decorative ladder ideas as inspiration for bringing one of these multi-tasking organizing tools home.

Blanket Ladder

A tall, wide blanket ladder has storage spots for several folded blankets. Matching blankets give a ladder a cohesive feel, while a colorful assortment has a relaxed but equally attractive look. A small basket below the bottom rung can help organize smaller blankets, slippers, or throw pillows.

Wooden Ladder

Casual, raw wooden ladders have a relaxed look. Depending on their width and height (and if the rungs are evenly spaced), their organizing abilities can be a little limited, but they still work as excellent options for corralling towels, blankets, and more.

Towel Ladder

In bathrooms with limited space, towel ladders offer a solution to hanging towels and washcloths neatly and in a way that they’ll dry thoroughly between uses. Wide towel ladders are best, if there’s space, as they allow towels to be folded only once or twice.

Decorative Ladder

Decorative ladders with distinctive materials, shapes, or frames can stand alone as purely aesthetic pieces that don’t take up too much space. There’s always the option to put them to work as organizers should the need arise.

Ladder Bookshelf

Ladders with wider rungs can serve as bookshelves, either vertically or hung horizontally on a wall. Books will need to be placed carefully, but an artful book arrangement can make any decorative ladder pop.

Mug Ladder

The addition of a few hooks allows a storage ladder to hold a mug collection, or even crafting tools such as yarn, spools, and more. Intentionally arranging everyday items, like mugs, is an easy way to turn clutter into décor.

Mini Ladder

A counter or tabletop ladder gives wayward dishcloths and napkins a place to call home while providing surfaces with a pop of color. A decorative ladder this small is also a low-stakes way to put small textiles on display on a mantle, side table, or other surface.