Extend the life of your candle jar with these easy tips.


Candle jars are the darling of the self-care world and a welcome addition during the holiday season. With proper care, they can last and last. One effortless secret to helping that happen? Trim the wick to about ⅛ inch each time you light it, says Abigail Cook Stone, the founder of Otherland Candle Co. This helps the wax burn slower and at a more even pace and helps prevent soot buildup on the glass container. When you trim, you’re removing any carbon building (the stuff that looks like a little hat at the end of the wick), says Kristen Pumphrey, the creative director and owner of P.F. Candle Co. “This in turn allows it to last longer and makes the candle safer. If your candle is burning hot, it’s going to burn through that wax faster, and you really want to savor every ounce."

Also make sure you’re burning your candle long enough to prevent any tunneling (that hard wax ring that forms around the flame when the candle’s top layer isn’t fully melted). “A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle an hour for every inch the candle is wide,” says Pumphrey. “So if it’s two inches wide, two hours should do it.”

Another helpful trick? Before lighting a candle jar look around to see if it could be affected by any draft or AC breeze that might turn on. Never burn your candle in an area with a draft as the moving flame can cause extra soot formation, says Stone.

When it’s time to blow out your candle, do so gently (to prevent wax splatters) or use a snuffer to extinguish. And allow the smoke to clear before placing any lid back on (if you don’t, your candle wax will retain the smoke and smell ashy!). Do not, under any circumstances, use a lid as a candle snuffer, which could be very dangerous.