6 Simple Ways to Incorporate Boho Design Work in Your Home

Forget minimalism—these boho decor ideas will make your home feel cozy, creative, and personal.

Boho design - bohemian decor ideas
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Trends may come and go, but we'll always have a special place in our hearts for boho design. Filled with colors, patterns, and, yes, plenty of leafy greens, boho decor throws the design rulebook out the window and embraces a bold streak. After all, with boho decor ideas, more is more.

But unless you're a boho interior design pro, bringing this eclectic aesthetic into your home can feel a little, well, intimidating. One false move, one set of clashing prints, or too much color (is there such a thing?) can transform your space from delightfully bohemian to an eyesore.

We're here to help. Check out these savvy ways to bring bohemian design to your home, then go forth and decorate without fear.

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The Textured Treatment

Boho interior design is a far cry from the stark, sleek look that's often associated with minimalism or mid-century modernism. Instead of smooth wood and leather, embrace a variety of textures, such as a suede armchair, faux fur area rug, and knitted throw blanket. If you're giving boho design a try for the very first time, incorporate different textures and materials in a similar color palette. Let @agi_at_59 show you how it's done.

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Woven Accents

One specific texture to add to your boho decor? Anything woven. Cane, rattan, and wicker are classic calling cards of boho design, bringing an easy, breezy spirit to virtually any space. While the market has no shortage of woven furniture, the macrame wall decor on @dabito's feed is a fun DIY alternative.

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Embrace Accessories

As @ReStyleArt proves, a bohemian house is not a home without personal touches. Instead of hiding your favorite tchotchkes in a cabinet—or, even worse, decluttering your home altogether—embrace boho design by displaying your favorites on bookshelves, windowsills, or a coffee table. Sorry, Marie Kondo, but we think we're going to keep all our knick-knacks for a little longer.

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Grow Your Green Yhumb

Calling all plant parents: Pursuing boho interior design basically gives you permission to stock up on as many leafy greens as possible. There's something about an array of rampant, unruly plants that gives any space a slice of bohemian charm—yes, even your bathroom. From a macrame planter hanging from the shower head to a plant perched atop a wooden stool, this bathroom from @ThisHouse5000 is a masterclass in plant parenthood and the boho aesthetic.

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Color Me Happy

What do the best boho decor ideas have in common? Lots and lots of color. Sarah Walsh McIntyre of @TheFlamingoandTheFox does not shy away from color—and this cheery bedroom proudly highlights all the hues of the rainbow. If using too much color is a concern, err on the side of caution by keeping your walls a soft neutral. From there, you can go big with colorful accessories, artwork, and bedding.

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Mix and Match

The best part about boho design is that there's no one way to complete the look. In fact, you can even master boho decor by integrating seemingly clashing pieces into one space. While the furniture and decor featured in this dining room on @whatever_happened_to_miss_wolf's feed is indisputably eclectic, a united color palette gives this space an air of cohesion.

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