Skip the rug store—these places to buy rugs online will ship your new rug straight to your door, without breaking the bank.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated February 15, 2019
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Best places to buy rugs online - rolled up affordable rugs
Credit: bill oxford/Getty Images

Anyone tired of trekking over to the nearest rug store will be happy to hear that the best places to buy rugs online transfer the convenience of shopping online to the furniture world—specifically, to notoriously pricy rugs. Picking a rug is no small struggle, and having to wander through rug store after rug store doesn’t help make it easier. If you’re willing to trust this major décor decision to the internet, though, there are some excellent online rug stores where you can find affordable rugs that look great, too.

Buying rugs online—like buying anything online, including affordable home décor and high-quality cleaning supplies—isn’t for everyone. Even in this digital age, there’s something to be said for walking through a brick-and-mortar store and trying, or at least touching, something before you buy it. But if you’re pretty confident in what kind of rug you want, ordering it online might simplify the shopping process and save you a ton of money.

Making the most of an online rug store can also make the process of actually getting the rug home a little easier, especially if you’re buying an area rug and have a small car (or no car at all). Rugs are heavier than they look, and in many cases, you’d have to have a new rug delivered anyway. With the best places to buy rugs online, you’re skipping the visit to the nearest rug store, too.

Best places to buy rugs online - rolled up affordable rugs
Credit: bill oxford/Getty Images

Wherever you buy your rug, be sure to check delivery fees (if any) before you whip out your credit card. Also look for special features such as free returns, warranties, sample options, and more. Once you’ve done all that, get excited—buying a rug, online or at a rug store, is something to celebrate. (Just make sure you’re keeping that new rug clean.)

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1 Online rug store: Amazon

What makes it great: Amazon sells anything and everything, and lately, its home goods selection has been having a bit of a moment. Do a quick search for area rugs to scroll through more than 40,000 options (many of which have Prime shipping benefits), or check out rugs from Amazon’s own Stone & Beam and Rivet brands or affordable designer collections such as Erin Gates by Momeni.

Cost: From $85 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;

2 Online rug store: Anthropologie

What makes it great: The home selection at Anthropologie keeps pace with the store’s boutique-y clothing selection in terms of popularity, as evidenced by the recent launch of an exclusive line of rugs and pillows with Joanna Gaines. Some large rugs can be priced in the thousands, but plenty of affordable rugs are in the mix, too, all with the boho-chic, globally inspired look Anthropologie is known for.

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Cost: From $398 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;

3 Online rug store: Boundless

What makes it great: This newcomer to the rug world calls itself the Warby Parker of rugs for its custom options, expert team advice, and straightforward pricing. Pick a pattern, then customize the size and colors with pre-set or personalized picks. Boundless offers at-home touch tests for just $15, so you can try before you buy, and shipping is free.

Cost: From $579 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;

4 Online rug store: IKEA

What makes it great: You already buying everything else for your home at IKEA—why not pick up a rug, too? The Swedish superstore sells rugs in a huge range of sizes and colors, with hyper-affordable prices. (Note that the more exciting designs cost more than the more basic looks.) IKEA’s flat-rate shipping policy, starting at $39, means you can order a whole room at once, too.

Cost: From $109 for a 6’ 7” by 9’ 10” area rug;

5 Online rug store: Pier 1

What makes it great: Pier 1’s huge variety of home décor items extends to rugs. The store has its own collection of Joanna Gaines–inspired Magnolia Home Rugs, plus non-designer rugs with patterned and geometric designs. Prices are reasonable, and Pier 1 frequently runs free-shipping specials.

Cost: From $180 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;

6 Online rug store: Urban Outfitters

What makes it great: The assortment of printed rugs at Urban Outfitters speaks to its fans’ laidback, casual aesthetic—no high-piles or Persian rug­ lookalikes here. For a basic floor covering, though, there are few places better, especially considering the hyper-low prices.

Cost: From $229 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;

7 Online rug store: Wayfair

What makes it great: Must we spell it out? Wayfair’s furniture expertise is legendary, as is the online retailer’s low prices. Shipping is often free (and quick), and Wayfair has a huge range of search filters to make sifting through the thousands of options easy.

Cost: From $80 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;

8 Online rug store: World Market

What makes it great: World Market has an eclectic blend of global finds in everything from tchotchkes to dining chairs—and rugs, of course. The looks range from traditional to geometric and neutrals, and many are available at accessible prices.

Cost: From $200 for an eight-by-10-foot area rug;