People are decorating their homes in artistic, colorful ways, and anyone can try these hoem décor trends out for themselves.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated April 05, 2019
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When we talk about home décor trends, we’re talking about the patterns, colors, and shapes people are incorporating into their homes. For a while, minimalism and neutrals were the way to go, but trends are moving in a more colorful—and more diverse—direction. Neutrals and farmhouse kitchen décor are still popular, but so are leaf prints, dark paint colors, and unexpected silhouettes. The idea that there’s a one-size-fits-all décor style is slowly weakening, and more and more people are going in different directions with their decorating.

Etsy’s 2019 Home Décor Trend Guide makes this loud and clear. According to the new guide, Etsy shoppers are looking for nostalgic, funky design elements to bring home. If there’s one word to describe it all, it’s maximalist: People want to be loud, vibrant, and colorful, and they’re searching for and buying accessories that express that.

According to Etsy, top 2019 home décor trends (this far) are tie-dye prints; art deco designs; decals for stairs and floors; animal prints, patterns, and imagery; colorful cut-outs; Southwestern accents; and crystals.

Tie-dye prints in home décor and in clothes are making a comeback, mainly with two-colored prints (who doesn’t love a good indigo and white dye?), pastels, and other light shades. Bringing the look home can be as simple as picking up some tie-dye flour sack towels ($9 each;—no tapestries here.

Art Deco is mid-century modern’s flashier, gilt cousin; to try the trend, look for golds and brasses, geometric shapes, and sunbursts. Etsy has seen more than 2.4 million searches for Art Deco in the last three months, so there’s sure to be a lot of this look popping up in homes soon.

Wallpaper—especially removable wallpaper—has been popular for years now, but now people are sticking wallpaper, floor decals, and stair decals on furniture, under cabinets, and in other non-wall spaces, Etsy says.

Animal prints and imagery is also getting a bit of a boost on Etsy, with tiger and flamingo décor getting particular interest. People are buying prints, statuettes, pillows, and more depicting animals; for anyone looking for an excuse to go wild and plaster their home with pictures of a favorite animal, this is it.

Terrazzo is still a trend to watch, but so is its more colorful cousin, cut-out shapes. These geometric looks are almost childish in their simplicity, but they’re also soothing to look like. From the puzzle-like to the abstract, these modern looks can fit into a minimalist home that’s slowly transitioning to a more colorful one.

Southwestern looks consist of turquoise, desert motifs, sunset interpretations, and other earthy tones, according to Etsy’s research. Burnt orange is popular, as are natural fabrics. This trend may be a polarizing one, especially for anyone who has no connection to the Southwest, but 138,000 searches for desert on Etsy in the last three months means this look is here to stay, at least until winter.

People are using crystals to solve a range of ailments, but they’re also incorporating them into their décor. Etsy has seen 63,000 searches for crystal in the home and living category in the last three months, and people are ordering dresser knobs, serving utensils, jewelry dishes, candle holders, and more with crystals attached.

Anyone seeking new inspiration for the living room, scoping out new kitchen trends, or hoping to shake up their home décor can use these trends as a guide for what will be all over Instagram, Etsy, and more of the best home décor shopping websites this year. Whatever the individual look, it’s practically certain that homes are about to get a lot more colorful—just in time for spring and summer.