The kid’s home decor line from Target, Pillowfort, gets a spring refresh with stylish furniture, lighting, wall decor, and storage.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 02, 2018
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It can be pretty tough to decorate a kid’s room with their ever-changing tastes and of course, the fact that they outgrow things pretty easily. You want the space to show off their personalities, but you also need it to be functional for the early morning dress-up and the bedtime routines. Ever since Pillowfort debuted in 2016, parents everywhere have been heading to Target stores to deck their kid’s rooms in affordable, yet stylish, fun, and practical finds. The 2018 spring collection doesn’t disappoint—think whimsical mirrors, game-themed pillows, ‘90s-inspired LED lighting, and furniture that will grow with your child.

The collection of more than 200 new pieces is also at an incredible price point—bedding, storage, lighting, and wall decor range from $5.99 to $59.99, while furniture and beds ring in at $29.99 to $1,149.99.

New products hit stores and on February 4th, but got an exclusive first look at the new items. Here are a few of our favorites.

Lion Mirror

The lion silhouette on the mirror is a whimsical touch, while the wood frame makes it a neutral piece of wall art. Group two or three together for a small gallery wall.

To buy: $15,

Rocket Bed Canopy

Send your kid to an outer space dreamland at bedtime with this fun rocket-inspired canopy. Your little astronaut will love the privacy and coziness it provides for reading in bed.

To buy: $40;

Twin Osa Storage Bed

When it’s time to invest in a big kid bed, you can’t go wrong with this gray twin bed frame. Since it’s a neutral color instead of something like a bright pink or blue, it can easily grow with your child—just add some personality through the bedding. And did we mention it has storage underneath?

To buy: $200;

Sloth Table Lamp

Who doesn’t love sloths? The adorable creatures might not be available as domesticated pets, but your kid can still have a sloth nearby with this table lamp.

To buy: $30; (available February 4)

Landry Hairpin Round Activity Set

Coloring or craft time never looked chicer. With light wood and white metal legs, it looks like something that’s sophisticated enough to fit right at home in your living room. The table has built-in holders for crayons, markers, and other supplies.

To buy: $90; (available February 4)

Game Controller Throw Pillow

Pile on the throw pillows. Little gamers will want to snuggle up with this knit pillow every night.

To buy: $17;

Party Parade Microfiber Sheet Set

A budget-friendly bedding trick? Keep the duvet cover or quilt neutral and go crazy with the sheets, shams, and throw pillows. This bright pink sheet set looks like it has confetti all over it—bedtime has never been so fun.

To buy: $18; (available February 4)

Avery Toy Storage Shelf

Your kid’s room might be filled with toys, but it doesn’t have to look like a complete disaster. Cleanup just got easier with this wooden shelf. When they outgrow the toys, you can use it to store books, hats, or smaller sports gear.

To buy: $90;