These will get your house ready for summer.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated May 09, 2017

As if we needed another excuse to spend our weekends at Target, the store’s summer home collections are hitting shelves, and the beautiful picks are tempting us to toss every last item into our (real and virtual) shopping carts. This season’s global-inspired theme resulted in pieces with lots of color, texture, and eye-catching details. Tassels trim throw pillows and embellish blankets, making these pieces feel fun and whimsical. Color plays a starring role, even showing up on earthenware planters and ceramic vases. And if you prefer a more neutral palette? Don’t worry, these subtle touches will infuse your space with color without overwhelming it. So many of the pieces in the new collections transition easily from indoors to out, guaranteeing that they will get just as much use in the living room as they will in the backyard. With all of these pieces priced under $50, there’s no reason not to stock up on several. Consider yourself officially set for summer.

Earthenware Wood Base Planter

If your home decorating philosophy is that you can never have too many plants, then you’ll want to consider buying this pretty earthenware planter as a home for one of your ferns or succulents. Elevated on a wooden base, this would fit in perfectly on a living room shelf or side table.

To buy: $28;

Yarn Fringe Pillow

In a neutral living room in need of some color and texture, this festive throw pillow will deliver both. The combination of vibrant stripes and playful tassels proves that this pillow knows how to have fun, but when set against a couch in a more subdued color, it won’t look over-the-top.

To buy: $25;

Tassel Throw

This lightweight throw is just what you’ll want for snuggling up around a fire on a cool summer night. The pink stripes will add some color to your favorite side chair, while the adorable tassels are right on trend. Plus, the fabric is 100 percent cotton, making it feel fresh and breathable.

To buy: $30;

Pink Ceramic Vase With Lid

This beautiful ceramic vessel does double duty: It can hold small items on a desk or shelf, and when a friend brings over a bouquet, the watertight container can also serve as a vase. The contrast between the pink glaze and the natural terracotta will introduce a subtle hit of color while blending into almost any style home.

To buy: $24;

Menlo Collection Desk Lamp

This charming table lamp will brighten up a corner of your home, no matter if it’s switched on or not. Whether placed on a desk or a bedside table, this little lamp provides task lighting, while the glass shade lets it illuminate the entire room. Choose between classic antique brass and trendy copper metal for the arm.

To buy: $50;

Parrot Figural on Stand

Bringing a sculpture with this much personality into your home is sure to liven up a space that lacks interest. The delicate shape doesn’t take up much room (it’s just three inches wide), so it can easily perch on a windowsill or find a spot among the knick-knacks on a shelf. For only $15, this gilded parrot would make an affordable and memorable gift.

To buy: $15;

Gold Lantern

If you live outside in the summer and can be found lounging in the backyard late into the evening, this pretty gold lantern will help set the scene. Whether you use a real candle or an artificial one, the metallic surface will bounce light around the backyard. Now there’s no excuse to ever go inside.

To buy: $25;

Mango Wood Chopping Board Set

This set of two wooden chopping boards will make meal prep much easier. Not only is another work surface always welcome in the kitchen, but you can also designate one board for fruits and veggies and the other for meat to avoid cross-contamination. The pair would make a welcome housewarming present or hostess gift.

To buy: $35;

Stoneware Agate Coaster Dark Blue

If you buy these stunning agate slice coasters as a gift, chances are you’re going to want to keep them for yourself. At $3 a pop, go ahead and get some for a friend and a few for yourself. Whether they’re holding a glass or hanging out on your coffee table, these natural beauties will attract some attention.

To buy: $3 each;