10 Home Decor Trends for Spring That Are Taking Over TikTok and Instagram

This is the season of the bubble cube candle.

Given their focus on aesthetics and tutorials, Instagram and TikTok have become natural platforms for decorating professionals and enthusiasts to share picture-perfect rooms and detailed DIYs, often capturing—and frequently leading—the biggest interior design trends.

As of late, it's a virtual and visual world in which painted arches and peel-and-stick wallpaper prevail, sleek, straight lines are blurred, and mid-century modern takes the backseat to wavy, Art Deco accents (bonus points if it's a video and your favorite tunes are playing in the background).

From sculptural furniture to statement tiles (and those bendy candles you have to see in action!), read on as we break down 10 spring 2021 decor trends that are taking over our feeds and homes. Feeling inspired? Browse more unexpected decorating ideas.

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Painted Arches

Prefer just a pop? Opt for a statement arch (also known as the new statement wall). It's one of the easiest ways to frame your favorite fixtures—doorways, desks, bar carts, dressers, and beds are among the more common—and add dimension to a room. The optical illusion can be created with the help of some painter's tape and a little imagination (TikTokers recommend applying a base layer first to avoid bleed-through). Take the minimalist route with light grays and slates, earthy with stuccos and leafy greens, or mod with bold brights.

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Monochromatic Rooms

If there's one thing Insta-decorators aren't afraid of, it's a splash of color. Breathe new energy into your space with an accent wall, or—here's where it gets really interesting—go all in with monochromatic washes. To make everything look cohesive without falling flat, you'll want to settle on a monochromatic color family (vibrant pinks, sunny yellows, and moody blues reign), layering in shades of the same hue for added depth.

To explore the rest of this colorful home studio, take the grand tour here.

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Rattan and Brass Accents

Turn your home into a virtual escape with breezy rattan wall hangings, bowls, and light fixtures, or add a regal touch with brass trimmings (think chair legs, dresser knobs, and mirrors). May we suggest this viral mirror from Anthropologie?

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Sculptural Furniture

If social media is any indication, straight-edged furniture is on its way out, or at least saving a seat for more rebellious shapes and trimmings. Especially great for cozier and less traditional floor plans, make use of a corner or asymmetrical nook with a cylindrical chair, like the one shown here from Reserve Home, or add movement to a living room with a curved couch.

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Curvy Art and Geometric Vases

Similarly, clean lines are giving way to curvy silhouettes when it comes to artwork, either as displayed on the wall or on a table for all to marvel. Punch up an office with a squiggly or U-shaped painting, or take a more subtle approach with a geometric vase.

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Twisted Taper Candles and Bubble Cube Candles

While you're at it, consider rounding out your space with a twisted taper candle or bubble candle. Last time we checked, #bendycandle and #bubblecandle videos had a combined 20 million views on TikTok alone for their playful designs and DIY ease. For a quick bend, submerge a taper candle in hot water for about 15 minutes, remove carefully, flatten out the center with a rolling pin, and twist to your liking. Run the candle under cold water to lock in your desired look, and you're good to go.

Safety tip: Never light any candles that have wicks that face downwards, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

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Speaking of retro trends, wallpaper is being reimagined in a range of modern textures and patterns. TikTokers are especially fond of the peel-and-stick variety, which makes it easy to update a room without a big commitment—perfect for renters and decorating chameleons.

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Lucite Is Back

When it comes to versatility, lucite is still a clear choice. Not only will it go with pretty much any theme (the possibilities are truly endless), but its simplistic, see-through design makes it ideal for smaller and busier spaces (we especially like it for side tables and lamps).

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Shell Motifs

Ocean-inspired motifs that were once reserved for beach houses are back from the '80s, just in time for the spring/summer 2021 season. Consider getting your feet wet with smaller accessories, such as a shell-shaped vase, velvet pillow, or patterned sheets.

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Statement Tiles

Last, but certainly not least, Instagrammers have been having a mosaic moment, experimenting with texture through different tile sizes and treatments. Subway tile looks clean and timeless, but you can also make a statement with oversized tiles, modern colors (hello, pink tiles in Anita Yokota's new kitchen!), or fun patterns.

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