Space of the Week: A Dysfunctional Closet Gets a Boutique-Worthy Makeover

Here's how a personal stylist organizes her own closet.

closet with floral wallpaper
Heather Talbert Photography / Design by Kayla Dane

Through her work as a personal stylist and design consultant, Kayla Dane has seen inside a lot of closets. While guiding her clients towards a thoughtfully curated wardrobe, Dane honed in on which closet design features make getting dressed easier and more enjoyable—and which are guaranteed to waste time in the morning. After running her Miami-based studio for the past six years, Dane now has closet design down to a science. So when it came time to update her own walk-in closet, Dane knew exactly how to craft a closet that merges function with design flair.

dim closet with doors and boxes on top
The closet before its transformation. Kayla Dane

Prior to the makeover, Dane's closet was tidy, but closed doors on a row of wardrobes prevented her from seeing her options without opening each door. To make getting ready feel more like a visit to a favorite clothing boutique, Dane used a series of cabinets—one with shelves for shoes, another with clothing rod and pull-out drawers—to make the closet easier to navigate. From there, some clever closet organizers, like a paper tray repurposed as an accessories catchall, keep everything neat.

To elevate the design of this typically utilitarian space, Dane brought in spectacular tropical wallpaper, a sparkly chandelier, and a leopard print rug. A dramatic chandelier is a less expected element in a closet, but Dane emphasizes how crucial it is. "Lighting is so important in a space. I am a huge fan of closet systems that have built-in lateral lighting," she says. "It can really transform a space and add extra glam to your closet (especially by adding a chandelier or wall sconces)." Once all of the essential storage is in place, the right lights and wallpaper will make getting ready the best part of the day.

Space of Week, Closet with Kayla Dane
Heather Talbert Photography / Design by Kayla Dane

Get the Look:

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Botanical Wallpaper

Tropical floral wallpaper
Burke Decor

Most closets don't inspire vacation vibes, but this wallpaper installed on the walls and cabinet fronts of your closet will transport you to a tropical island every time you get dressed. White cabinet frames and storage boxes help balance the lush, colorful pattern.

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Ring and Bracelet Organizer

Container Store Jewelry Organizer
Container Store

Borrow some inspiration from your favorite clothing boutiques and put your go-to bracelets and rings on display. Don't forget to mix in some pieces you wear less frequently—seeing them will remind you to add them to your rotation.

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Linen Drawer Dividers

Container Store Drawer Organizer
Container Store

Without drawer dividers, an underwear or sock drawer descends into a jumble. These linen dividers give keep each pair of socks or boxers its own compartment.

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Lucite Drawer Pulls

Lucite Drawer Pulls

To avoid visual clutter, Dane selected clear lucite drawer pulls that won't compete with the patterned wallpaper adorning the drawer fronts. The hardware introduces a hint of brass, yet lets the tropical wallpaper steal the show.

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Acrylic Accessory Trays

Acrylic Paper Tray
Container Store

To keep small accessories like clutches and winter hats organized and easy to find, Dane sorts them into clear acrylic trays on a closet shelf. The built-in handles allow you to rearrange the trays, moving them to a drawer or another area of the closet as needed.

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