Breakfast Nook, Colorful Glassware Collection

Space of the Week: Rows of Rainbow Glassware Perk Up This Adorable Breakfast Nook

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In her suburban Nashville breakfast nook, A Beautiful Mess blogger Elsie Larson opted for crisp white walls to brighten up the space and provide a neutral backdrop for her ever-growing collection of colorful glassware. After seeing a similar arrangement at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, Calif., Elsie chose to organize her assortment in an ombré pattern. Patience is key: "I've collected these slowly over time," she says." I'm not ready for the hunt to be over!"

Space of Week, Breakfast Nook with Coffee
Credit: Elsie Larson

Create Your Canvas

Elsie painted her entire 1970s home (interior and exterior) in Sherwin-Williams Marshmallow. "Going with all white is the easiest and most budget-friendly option for modernizing a space," she says. An eggshell finish is simple to wipe clean and durable enough for frequently touched spots, like hutch doors.  

Mix and Match

Elsie got most of her collection from flea markets and thrift stores. Pink pieces were the hardest to find, so she sought out new items at HomeGoods, Target, and Anthropologie.

Dig Into the Details

While Elsie's drinkware may catch the eye first, a brass chandelier and brass hardware give the room added glam. Natural wood chairs keep the setup from feeling stark.

Don't Divvy It Up

Displaying a full collection—whether it's colored glass or ticket stubs—is impactful. Instead of sprinkling your treasures throughout your home, group them on a shelf, in a frame, or even in a jar.

Get the Look:

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Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturer

In the Right Light


Opal blown glass means this chandelier emits a cozier glow than clear glass would. You can customize the finish—choose from brass, nickel, or black—plus select the drop length to fit your space. 

May Space of the Month
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturer

Choose a Tulip-Style Table


Design tip: a round table makes it easier to navigate through a high-traffic spot. If you want to add a small breakfast nook to your kitchen, a tulip-style table paired with chairs that tuck underneath is the most space-maximizing solution. 

May Space of the Month
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturer

Pair It with Wishbone Chairs


To complement (and hug close to) the rounded table top, opt for wishbone-style chairs. The curved back and clean lines create a minimal look, allowing other colorful details in the room to shine. 

May Space of the Month
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturer

Keep It Cozy


A soft rug provides the perfect landing spot to kick off your shoes and get cozy. If you're using a round table for your breakfast nook, choose a round rug that's at least two feet wider than the diameter of the table. 

Space of Week, Blue Glassware
Credit: Lulu & Georgia

Start Your Own Collection

$160 for 6,

Feeling inspired to fill your own cabinets or open shelves with vibrant glassware? Start with these modern takes on vintage heirlooms. Founder Stephanie Summerson Hall created these wine glasses inspired by her grandmother Estelle's colorful glassware collection. 

May Space of the Month
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturer

Pick Up a Few Plastic Glasses, Too


Weave a few pretty plastic options in with the glass, Elsie says. They're perfect for kids and outdoor meals. 

May Space of the Month
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturer

A Bit of Brass


A few brass accents, like the drawer pulls and chandelier, give the room a little extra polish. Plus, this is an easy and relatively affordable way to update the furniture you already own.