Space of the Week: Zooey Deschanel's Home Office Is a Craft Lover's Dream Come True

Tidy, colorful, and patterned? Check, check, and check!

Zooey Deschanel Craft Room Colorful with craft supply storage container
Photo: Trevor Tondro

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott renovated their Los Angeles Georgian Revival home by maintaining historic details and using pattern play in nearly every room. (To see the full tour, pick up the summer issue of the Scott brothers' magazine, Drew + Jonathan Reveal, at your local newsstand or by subscribing here.) Zooey created an oasis of an office for taking meetings, writing music, and crafting. The standout feature is the DreamBox closet that opens to reveal a pullout worktable and universe of materials. "I'm not crafting all the time, so I wanted to be able to put everything away when I'm not using it, and have a beautiful room to work in!" she says.

Dreamy Storage

At three feet wide, less than three feet deep, and only a little taller than Zooey (in heels), the DreamBox doesn't gobble up space when closed. But open it and you have nine feet of storage for spools of yarn, scissors, ribbons, and pretty much anything you'd want to fashion into something else.

Natural Instincts

This room connects to the home's atrium, so Zooey brought some of the organic SoCal elements inside with a cool cactus wallpaper and potted plants.

Soft Landing

Jonathan typically has a big reno on his hands, but this room just needed a few touches, like the area rug he designed with his brother Drew for Living Spaces.

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott in white gazebo outside
Trevor Tondro; Prop styling by Leila Nichols. Zooey wardrobe styling by Ib Abdel Nasser. Hair by Brent Leonesio. Makeup by Sarah Nelson. Jonathan: Wardrobe styling by Charlotte Jenkins; hair and makeup by Annalee Belle.

Get the Look:

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Follow the Rainbow

DreamBox Craft Storage Cabinet with colorful craft supplies

Calling all crafters, this one's for you: DreamBox is a cabinet designed to stash everything from sparkles to fabric. Open it up and let the room explode with colorful paint and projects, but when everything is stashed away and the doors are closed, the room will look exceptionally tidy. Choose from plain, Shaker-style, and farmhouse-style fronts to match your decor.

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Neutral Ground

Gray Oracle Rug by Living Spaces
Living Spaces

In a busy room that regularly faces a barrage of vibrant glitter and colorful craft supplies, a neutral rug sets the groundwork without competing for attention. The textured design camouflages spills, and the rug is stain-resistant so cleanup is a cinch.

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Desert Chic

Cactus Pattern Wallpaper in Red and Green
Milton and King

Cactus wallpaper nods to the SoCal landscape outside, while the playful pattern infuses the room with a sense of fun.

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Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Chandelier
Circa Lighting

No craft room is complete without some whimsical details, right? This gilded branch chandelier is just the dose of magic this creative space needs.

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