Space of the Week: This Family Home in Texas Will Make You Want a Sleeping Porch

It’s the perfect place to catch some Zs.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It's a well-worn saying that can be applied to this new sleeping porch, which is blissfully perched among the trees along the Neches River in Trinity County, Texas. The property has been shaded by loblolly pines and cypress leaves since the 1940s, when a family first bought it as a gathering place for warm afternoons by the water. But the latest relative to own the land saw the potential in making a few upgrades.

"He envisioned a sensitive renovation to the existing 1940s structure and additions to accommodate a growing multi-generational family," says Killy Scheer, owner and principal of the design firm Scheer & Co. "Our goal for the project was to respect the history of the camp while adding square footage and modernizing key spaces."

Bunkhouse Sleeping Porch
The exterior of the bunkhouse. Photography by Ryann Ford / Design by Scheer and Co.

Scheer worked alongside architect Chris Sanders of Sanders Architecture for the job, in which the original home was brought up to date, a barn was built, and a two-story guest house came to be. In fact, the so-called "sleeping porch"—which is screened in on the second level of the guest house—is perfect for those who'd like to rest with a familiar view of the river in sight. Including the sleeping porch, 18 people can vacation here and comfortably catch a few Zs.

"It was important that the porch furniture be flexible to different seating arrangements, so we sourced sturdy but light pieces that are easy to move around," she says. "Everything can be completely removed when the family wants to use it as a sleeping porch, complete with camping cots and cozy blankets."

Space of Week, Sleeping Porch
Photography by Ryann Ford / Design by Scheer and Co.

Scheer created a calm palette that would deflect to nature, while still having a personality of its own. She painted the walls a moody shade, Benjamin Moore's Night Horizon, and hung an oversized woven pendant overhead. The wooden coffee table is an ideal spot for board games. Sheer mixed and matched patterns, textures, and finishes into one cohesive unit. "Sourcing pieces that work well together in any combination was the goal," she says.

The family has been able to enjoy this sleeping porch for four summers, continuing a tradition that's bound to tie more generations together. "We've had reports from several members that the spaces are well-loved and enjoyed by all who visit," Scheer notes.

Get the Look:

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Moody Hue

Benjamin Moore, Night Horizon Paint Gray
Benjamin Moore

For a sophisticated, modern contrast to the sleeping porch's rustic appeal, Night Horizon by Benjamin Moore was brushed on the wall. This charcoal color's warm brown undertones complement the natural wood throughout the space.

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Camping Cots

Camp Cot

Recall summer camp nights with nostalgic cots that provide extra sleeping spots for guests. Equipped with luxurious bedding and pillows, a cot can feel surprisingly cozy. When visitors leave, store the cots away to save space.

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Soft Throw Blankets

Gray Alpaca Throw Blanket
The Citizenry

Give the camp vibes an elegant edge by draping a hand-loomed alpaca throw blanket across the cot. Handwoven by artisans in Peru in a fair trade environment, each blanket takes about a week to complete.

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Woven Wonders

Lotha Lumbar Pillow
The Citizenry

Handwoven on a backstrap loom in Dimapur, India, each of these cotton pillows doubles as a work of art. From afar, the pattern appears subtle, but up close, you'll admire the intricately woven design.

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