Space of the Week: This Picture-Perfect Guest Room Features Our New Favorite Wallpaper

Now this is how you build a gallery wall.

Space of Week, Wallpaper Guest Room
Photo: Courtesy of Erin Wheeler

When designing the guest room of her home in Raleigh, N.C., Erin Wheeler knew what she was going for: the eclectic and layered coziness of a boutique hotel. The designer and stylist behind the website Sunny Circle Studio says the secret to success was letting herself have fun. She wanted the decor to make people smile; a unique wallpaper inspired by her love of vintage art does just that. Among the eye-catching patterns and textures are thoughtful touches—blackout curtains, plenty of hooks—to ensure guests enjoy their stay.

Follow a Formula

To achieve the quirky boutique aesthetic, Erin incorporated all her favorite design elements: blue hues, stripes, playful prints, midcentury pieces, and a vintage rug and portraits. The different pattern scales keep the space lively.

Master the Mix

Prints from complement Erin's collection of vintage portraits, a combination of family heirlooms and Etsy finds. (Thrift shops and yard sales are also excellent sources of affordable art.) The mismatched frames amplify the playfulness, but the art still feels cohesive because it's all the same genre.

Choose a Focal Point

Layering art on top of art-themed wallpaper from Chasing Paper might have felt excessive if Erin had done so around the whole room. Going with just one wall is easier on the eyes.

Get the Look:

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The Right Stripes

Denim Pillow with white pinstripes

When introducing a new pattern to a room, you can't go wrong with timeless stripes. Set on a denim blue background, white pinstripes are versatile enough to work for preppy, beachy, or eclectic decor.

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Life Imitates Art

Chasing Paper Vintage Art Wallpaper
Chasing Paper

The easiest gallery wall you'll ever build: just roll on this peel-and-stick wallpaper. Follow Erin's lead and layer your own vintage art on top, or let the wallpaper shine all on its own.

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Light the Way

Thatcher Glass Lamp
Bed Bath and Beyond

A ceramic lamp with a delicate, fluted design lends another layer of texture to the room, while the neutral color doesn't compete with the art overhead.

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Affordable Artwork

Janet Art Print

For museum-quality prints at flea market prices, browse the selection at Search by still life, portraits, or botanicals to arrange your gallery wall around a cohesive theme.

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Under Covers

Summer Coverlet

In case your guests get chilly in the middle of the night, set out a lightweight cotton coverlet within arm's reach at the end of the bed. Inspired by weaving from the early 1800s, this woven wonder will become a family heirloom.

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