Space of the Week: A Brilliant Laundry Room Reno Maximizes Storage and Counter Space

A family of five needs all the room it can get. 

Laundry room with blue cabinets, wood counters, and stacked washer and dryer
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Change, particularly when it comes to a house, rarely happens all at once. Instead, the shifts tend to build slowly over time, as inspiration and funding strike. That was the case for a tight-knit family of five, who live at the base of rolling hills in Highland, Utah.

"This neighborhood was originally developed in the early 2000s, so the homes have a lot of beige and Tuscan details to them that were popular during that time period," says Brittany Gearheart, owner of Canvas House. "As you drive through, you'll notice a lot of newly renovated properties, as people in the neighborhood love it so much they would prefer to renovate their current home than leave."

When Gearheart was hired to help the family with the next phase of their place, the area in question consisted of a long hallway with a laundry room at its far end. "This was originally a spec build, so there wasn't a lot of functional cabinetry. We wanted to create a design that was better for the family." The owners were simultaneously building a pool and improving the exterior, so they thought that the addition of an easily accessible bathroom would be wise. They and Gearheart agreed that the original laundry room's door, which leads to the backyard, should be kept for the new powder room, and then a new wall would be added for a freshly updated laundry room beside it.

"We worked with the contractor to add a wall, splitting their previous laundry room into two separate spaces while also adding a pocket door to allow this room to be accessed from the inside and out," she says. "I always love designing small spaces because they give you more freedom to have some fun and go bold."

Max Out Storage

Since the previous laundry room lacked countertops and storage, Gearheart created a layout that consisted of one large room where both would be in abundance—it became a mudroom and a place to get clean clothes. "We played around with a lot of different floor plans and cabinetry layouts before we finally landed on something that felt right," she says. "Because of the existing window placement, we didn't want to block that area off with a wall of cabinets. We also didn't have the wall depth to put them near the opening into the space, so ultimately it made the most sense to do this." She centered the stacked washers and dryers on the wall to make room for bins on one side and a hanging rod on the other. And since the family got a dog during construction, she made room for the pup's kennel, too.

Pick a Palette

Given how many different changes were taking place at once, Gearheart partnered with the owners to ensure that a cohesive palette was clear. "This room is right off their kitchen, with an open archway that the laundry peeks through at all times," she says. "Their kitchen has a variety of white and wood cabinetry, so we wanted this space to really stand out against those lighter colors. It still feels very bright and airy with the lighter marble floors and white millwork along the walls. I knew I wanted to add depth through the dark cabinetry to make more of a statement and bring in that contrast."

Once all of the pieces were in place, the laundry room feels like an extension of the home, and a part of its new beginning. "We worked really closely with our contractor on decisions and had a trusting relationship with the clients," Gearheart says. "The vision we had for this space would have never happened without that trust!"

Get the Look:

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Moody Paint

Dark gray paint color on wall
Benjamin Moore

Dark gray cabinets lend depth to the laundry room, making for a dramatic mood. A room you don't spend hours and hours in, like the laundry room, is the ideal place to experiment with a bold decor move.

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Farmhouse Sink

Signature Hardware White Farmhouse Sink
Signature Hardware

Farmhouse sinks aren't just for kitchens—in the laundry room, the spacious design provides plenty of room for scrubbing and stain removal.

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Glazed Vase

Large White Ceramic Vase with flowers

Even a space as utilitarian as a laundry room deserves fresh flowers (or branches clipped from the backyard). A large white glazed vase will go with every flower and color palette under the sun.

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Gold Hardware

Rejuvenation Brass Cabinet Knob

Unlacquered brass hardware looks shiny and new when first installed, but over time it will take on a beautiful patina. If that's not your look, opt for one of the polished finishes instead.

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