Space of the Week: This Multifunctional Suite Reveals the Secrets to a Five-Star Guest Room

Hint: cozy seating and storage are essential.

This L.A. guest suite designed by Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs was created with both current and future uses in mind. In the immediate future, the recently completed room serves as a safe and comfortable guest room for older relatives. With an attached bathroom, a window-side reading nook, and a small table for coffee breaks, this guest suite has everything a visitor might need. Plus, because it's located in a separate wing of the house, so whoever is staying can safely isolate if needed during COVID.

Looking ahead, the guest room will be used by the homeowner's kids when they come home to visit during college. "The newly refreshed space accommodates both lifestyles, as it's neutral for an older person and their taste palette, but can be easily changed to a younger vibe with just a few different accessories and pieces," explains Hayslett. "It needed to be multifunctioning for different people, so I made sure that it wasn't too fussy, but still a cool space to want to be in and hang out." Mission accomplished. The completed suite is cozy and neutral, with sleek storage built in, yet on-trend choices like a teal velvet sofa and modern tile keep it feeling fresh.

Want to transform your own guest room into a space everyone will want to stay? Follow the design tips below.

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Hotel-Worthy Bedding

Space of the Week, Cozy Guest Bed with Neutral bedding
Design by Linda Hayslett / Photography by Lauren Pressey

To make the guest room a five-star experience, opt for high-quality bedding. Breathable sheets, a duvet, and a throw blanket are essential—but extras like handwoven throw pillows elevate the design.

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Pick a Plush Loveseat

Space of the Week, Guest Room Teal Sofa
Design by Linda Hayslett / Photography by Lauren Pressey

If you have the room for it, borrow a tip from the most comfortable hotel rooms and introduce a loveseat into the space. It offers a spot for guests to read, kick their feet up, and have a moment to themselves, especially if they're staying for longer than a night.

Bonus points: a sofa in jewel-toned velvet is as stylish as it is functional.

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A Spot to Chat (and Light-Blocking Window Shades)

Space of the Week, Guest Room Reading Nook with window
Design by Linda Hayslett / Photography by Lauren Pressey

"Every guest room needs a place to sit other than on the bed," says Hayslett. "People don't realize that when guests come over to stay, that sometimes you'll want to go and talk to them in their space. It's nice to have a place to sit and hang out, instead of standing. That's why I made sure to have the nook seating area—it's great to socialize in there if your family member or guest is unpacking or just getting settled in."

Don't forget to add a small table to set fresh flowers or some extra reading materials. A small, round table takes up very little space and doesn't have any sharp edges to bump into.

To help your guests get the best night's sleep, invest in blackout curtains or light-blocking window shades.

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Get-Ready Station

Space of the Week, Guest Bathroom with wooden vanity and tile
Design by Linda Hayslett / Photography by Lauren Pressey

Provide a perch for guests to take their time getting ready. Even better: this look-a-like seat also has a storage compartment.

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Ample Storage Space

Space of Week, Guest Dresser with vase and knick-knacks
Design by Linda Hayslett / Photography by Lauren Pressey

If you have room for it, aim to provide both closet and dresser storage so longer-term visitors don't have to live out of a suitcase. Top the dresser with fresh flowers and a few decorative accents, but leave some open space for guests to set out their own belongings as well.

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