Space of the Week: This European-Inspired Bathroom Has a Perfectly Tiled Feature Wall

It also matches the trees outside. 

Space of Week, Green Tile Bathroom
Photo: Photography by Jessica Alexander

The best bathrooms are an escape, and this one manages to take the homeowner halfway across the world every time she steps inside. "The client really loved the idea of bringing in some European influences through interesting colors and patterns," says designer Ginny Macdonald, founder and principal of the eponymous firm. "The inspiration that she mentioned was that of a modern European hotel."

Space of Week, Bathroom Before
The outdated bathroom "before.". Ginny Macdonald

When Macdonald first glimpsed this space on a leafy street in a Los Angeles suburb, it didn't exactly feel like a getaway. The property was built in 1947, and while the bathroom had been updated in the intervening decades, it still had plenty of room for improvement. A soffit above the vanity appeared to close it in, and the white-and-blue tiles surrounding the tub were as outdated as the ones on the floor. "The existing layout was quite awkward and lacked any form of storage," Ginny adds, prompting a new configuration. "The main objectives were to add a new walk-in shower, a closed-off water closet, a double vanity—and if possible, a freestanding tub."

Space of Week, Green Tile Bathroom Corner
Photography by Jessica Alexander

Macdonald moved the entrance door and took a few square feet from the adjoining bedroom to enlarge the bathroom's footprint, creating enough legroom for a separate shower and tub. "Since this is the primary bath, we didn't want to go too wild with the colors we chose," she says. "We also wanted to play into a mid-century vibe, since the house has that feel to it." Porcelain travertine was installed on the floors, adding texture alongside cream tiles stacked on three walls. A white oak vanity was chosen as a natural element, and it floats in front of a feature wall comprised of verdant triangle tiles. "There are three windows in the room that look out to an array of green trees, so the color was the perfect complement to those," she says. "Opting for black metal accents in the plumbing and hardware adds depth to the serene space."

Space of the Week, Tiled Shower
Photography by Jessica Alexander

It's been two years since the project was completed, and the owner has been able to get away to Europe (without leaving home) countless times since. "Increasing the size of the bathroom without compromising the bedroom allowed us to provide the whole wishlist, and do so with function and style," Macdonald says.

Get the Look:

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Green with Envy

Green Bathroom Tiles
Heath Ceramics

Although Heath Ceramics no longer produces the exact triangular tiles featured in this space, you can still imitate the sage green hue with these tiles in a classic rectangular shape. Subtle variation in color across the tiles makes an entire tiled feature wall feel reminiscent of the ocean.

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In the Best Light

Pendant Lighting, Brass

Full of tile, stone, and hardware, it's easy for a bathroom to feel like an impersonal space, but wow-worthy pendant lighting will help infuse the room with personality.

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Chill Pill

Pill Shaped Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror, but adding one (or two!) in an unexpected form—like this pill-shaped design—ups the interest.

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On the Hook

Brass Robe Hook
Schoolhouse Electric

Don't overlook small details, like towel bars and robe hooks, when designing the bathroom. Little improvements, like modern hooks, can elevate the space even if you're not working on a full remodel right now. Opt for satin brass for a touch of glamour or a flat black finish for an on-trend look.

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The Power of Flowers

White Vase
Pottery Barn

No matter if you just renovated or are trying to make a woefully outdated bathroom work, never underestimate the power of a vase full of fresh flowers to add life to a room.

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