Space of the Week: This Colorful Studio Is Full of Ideas for a Happier Home Office

Design a cheerful, productive home office.

Bold colors don't intimidate Danielle, who founded the clothing line Dazey LA and the interior design firm Dazey Den.While some creatives prefer to work in a white box for its lack of visual noise, Danielle has painted her entire Los Angeles apartment—including her home office—in cheery hues. All that color fills her space with energy, she says, and she feeds off it as she sits at her easel. She also gets inspiration from meaningful art, including her grandmother's pastels and some vintage finds. To set up your own little happy place for working or making, try Danielle's best tips.

Space of the Week, Colorful Home Office
Danielle Nagel

Get the Look

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Hang Eclectic Art

Dazey LA Threaded Artwork in Pink
Dazey LA

For an interesting gallery wall, include different media, like framed prints, macramé, and canvases. Select an anchor piece, lay it on the floor, and arrange the others around it. After settling on a combo that feels right, snap a photo so you can refer to it as you hang.

Danielle hangs pieces from her shop (like this threaded artwork by Emily Keating Snyder), but she also likes art from

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Introduce Texture

Kahlo Woven Wall Hanging in beige
Burke Decor

To add interest to a gallery wall, mix in textural elements, like a woven wall hanging.

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Try a Two-Tone Scheme

Space of the Week, Blue Studio and artist painting
Phillip Butler

Choosing a color doesn't have to be hard: Danielle recommends picking a couple you love and layering in two or three shades of each. Don't overthink—turn to other areas of your life for ideas. Danielle went with pink and blue simply because she was using those colors in her clothing line at the time.

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Bring in Plants

Potted Monstera plant

Foliage makes a work space homey and adds more color (green) without clashing.

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Mix Style & Storage

Blue Tufted Storage Ottoman

To get the look of Danielle's vibrant blue ottoman—but with storage space built right in—choose this tufted navy blue option.

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Get Comfortable

Joybird Chelsea Daybed in pink

Who says a home office has to be stuffy? In this artistic space, a chic velvet daybed offers an alternative to the traditional office chair. Did we mention it comes in 18 different colors?

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Select Pillows with Personality

Velvet Half Moon Pillows in pink and teal

The easiest way to add interest to a boring workspace? Invest in a couple trendy throw pillows, like these velvet half-moon accents.

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Let It Shine

Amee Chandelier in gold

A far cry from fluorescent office lighting, this on-trend aged brass chandelier lights up the room whether it's twitched on or not.

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