The quickest way to a better night’s sleep.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated August 23, 2017
Saturn Collection Smart Mattress

Say hello to the new Saturn + and Mars + mattresses by Eight, revolutionary new smart home products that promise to give you an out-of-this-world slumber and are compatible with an app to track your sleep.

Today, the company released four new mattresses: two smart and two standard (but still equally comfortable). Want to fully immerse yourself into the world of sleep? Take home the Saturn + mattress, which starts at $699, or Mars + mattress, which starts at $1,299. Both are embedded with Eight’s exclusive Smart Cover, which is a sensor layer that’s placed over the bed and can connect with just about any WiFi-enabled device inside your home. It tracks sleep data and even features dual-zone warming technology, so you can adjust the temperature just how you like it. If you prefer a regular mattress minus the tech, the standard Saturn and Mars versions are the way to go. A twin Saturn starts at just $349 and a Mars bed starts at $749.

The brand is also expanding its offerings with the Simple Foundation, which is an easy-to-build (no tools needed), upholstered bed frame that can be used with all mattresses and retails for just $275 for a queen. Whether you want to go all in and create an Eight-only bedroom or you want to test out a few of the smart products, you’re about to get way more insight into your sleeping habits, so you can finally crack the code to the perfect night’s sleep.