5 Scandinavian Netflix Shows to Give Your Home Warm and Cozy Vibes

Here's all the hygge inspiration you'll need.

Some winters feel like we should plan to hibernate until spring. To pass the time, Netflix's original Christmas movies and binge-worthy TV shows keep us entertained. But as the winter drags on, you may be looking for some fresh material to add to your watch list—we recommend finding some inspiration in these Scandinavian Netflix shows.

Based in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, these shows not only feature covetable Scandinavian home décor that will motivate you to "hygge" your own space, but the characters also know how to survive (and even thrive!) during long, dark winters and bitterly cold weather. Here are five of the best Scandinavian TV shows on Netflix for cozy home décor ideas. Bonus: We've noted what to keep an eye out for!

Family of four sitting around a table eating dinner; Scene from TV show Love & Anarchy

Home for Christmas (Hjem Til Jul)

Feeling pressure from her family, 30-year-old Johanne (Ida Elise Broch) starts a 24-day search for a boyfriend to bring home in time for Christmas. You'll forgive the classic rom-com plotline when you realize how charming and relatable the characters are—along with the fact that Johanne travels around her snowy Norwegian town via kick-sled. Bonus: Season two was just released, so you have six more episodes to binge-watch.

Decor notes: Every single scene in this show is filled with ambient twinkle lights, greenery, and tasteful Christmas décor. Yes, even the hospital where Johanne works as a nurse is decked out in holiday cheer. Get inspired by the ambient lighting in Johanne's apartment: there are string lights around the front door, candles flickering on the dining table, and glowing accent lights instead of harsh overheads.

Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen)

This Swedish drama follows the complications of a modern family when the parents slip up and remarry. A messier, more honest take on the Brady Bunch scenario, Bonus Family is a warm, funny, and, at times, cringingly accurate look at complex family life.

Decor notes: You'll find inspiration here, no matter your style. Lisa and Patrik's bohemian-style home is full of rich paint colors (hello, teal!) and enviable wallpapers, while Katja's place is sleek and modern.


An outspoken schoolteacher, Rita battles the out-of-touch administration (and frequently goes against policy) at her school to defend what she feels is truly best for her students. This Danish comedy-drama follows Rita's love life just as closely as her workplace exploits—and the two are often intertwined.

Decor notes: Rita lives in the caretaker's house adjacent to her school, and both the home and school are beautiful examples of Scandinavian minimalism. (I mean, just check out the tidy wall of mugs hanging in the teacher's lounge). For more design inspiration, skip to season three, when (spoiler alert) Rita opens her own schoolhouse, complete with gorgeous floral wallpaper.


A spin-off of Rita, this four-episode miniseries follows Rita's quirky and idealistic best friend, Hjørdis, as she puts together a school play about bullying. Focusing on the kids, Hjørdis is more wholesome and family-friendly than the Rita series.

Decor notes: Set during the warmer months, you may not find hygge inspiration here, but it will make you yearn for springtime in Scandinavia—especially when Hjørdis goes bike-riding through picturesque fields. The miniseries is set in the same school building as Rita, including an iconic De Stijl-inspired facade.

Love & Anarchy (Kärlek & Anarki)

In this Swedish romantic comedy, the main character Sofie starts a new job where she's tasked with modernizing an outdated publishing house. When she starts a game of dares with the IT tech, she shakes up the office in more ways than one.

Decor notes: The publishing house's office, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and Cesca chairs, puts a sad cubicle to shame. But the dreamiest space here is Sofie's elegant home, featuring William Morris wallpaper, luxurious wood paneling, and a stylish open kitchen.

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