The Best Scandinavian Furniture and Decor Hiding on Amazon—Starting at Just $17

From coffee tables to rugs.

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The natural hues, materials, and silhouettes found in Scandinavian interiors go far beyond what's trendy at the moment. "Scandinavian design has always been focused on health, wellness, and appreciating and respecting nature for the nutrients it offers our mind, body, and soul," says interior designer Becky Shea. When these guiding principles collide with the physical objects and decorations that create a home, you get a minimal yet practical aesthetic.

It's a distinct style defined by organic fabrics like linen, cotton, and hemp; earthy materials such as limestone, travertine, brick, and wood, as well as neutral colors, including beige, white, black, gray, and olive green, the designer explains. And while some mistakenly assume Scandinavian design is "cold and stark," says Shea, "it's core values are connecting with nature and appreciating the simple pleasures life has to offer versus looking for more to fill a void."

With this in mind, it's no wonder people are drawn to this timeless style today, especially considering how the pandemic has changed how homes function for many. "Now more than ever, we yearn to commune with those we love, which opens us up to creating spaces that are more balanced and focused on creating moments instead of accumulating material possessions," Shea says.

If you're interested in embracing this design style in your own home with a few small but meaningful updates, one place to start is on Amazon. While it might not be the first destination you think of for Scandinavian-inspired furniture and decor, Amazon has a vast selection of both. It even has a new feature called Discover Rooms that makes finding items in a specific design style easy. You can search by style, room type, and products until you find exactly what you're looking for. Think of it as a shoppable mood board.

Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorite Scandinavian-inspired rooms on Amazon and shop products to recreate the look in your own space. You can even click right on the pictures to see similar decor and furniture on Amazon.

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