The multi-hyphenate personality is venturing into interior design advice—and we love her tips.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated March 14, 2018
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It’s practically spring, and, if you’re anything like me, you’re itching to give the rooms of your home an update … but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on new furniture.

Luckily, Reese Witherspoon has us covered.

The multi-talented star has joined forces with Crate&Barrel for the brand's spring line, and, in a promotional video, Witherspoon dishes out excellent advice for updating your home in a snap.

“There’s really no wrong way to pillow,” she says in the video, tossing an assortment of throw pillows—including the gorgeous Luella 20” Blue Floral Pillow—onto a couch.

We couldn’t agree more: The best part of decorating with throw pillows is the opportunity to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, and shapes on a budget. And, once a throw pillow has served its purpose (or it has stuffing spilling out of it or a stubborn wine stain, for example) it’s easy to switch it out for an updated couch accessory.

And if your throw pillow palette takes some finessing, you’re not alone: It takes some practice, as Witherspoon shared in her post about her collaboration with Crate & Barrel on Instagram.

The pillow pro offers some more advice on styling a throw pillow collection in the video, plus behind-the-scenes takes.

Ready to start your own spring pillow update? The Linden Indigo Blue 23” Pillow from Crate&Barrel is a great place to start, as the neutral, solid color and basic shape allow it to work well with any style sofa. If you want to experiment with shapes, try the Breener Grey 12” Sphere Velvet Pillow. Consider pairing it with a bright contrast pillow, such as the Lillian Farag Painterly Pillow from Anthropologie, for a springtime feel.

And just remember: There's no wrong way to pillow.