5 Decor Trends to Steal from the 2021 Real Simple Home—Including the 'It' Color of the Year

One on-trend hue found its way into several of the rooms.

green paint in office
Photo: Christopher Testani

When we work with professional interior designers to decorate each room in the Real Simple Home, they're given free rein to select any colors, patterns, decor, and furniture they like. So long as the space is beautiful, functional, and helps solve any design challenges within the room, the rest is up to their creative whims. This year, as the designs unfolded, a few themes emerged, reflecting some of the top trends of the year. In nearly every room, you'll spot a woven accent or two (OK, maybe three!), and several rooms incorporated rich shades of olive green. Floral wallpaper is seeing a resurgence and grandmillennial style isn't going away just yet. According to the tastemakers behind the Real Simple Home, here are the top 5 trends of 2021, plus some products to shop for your own space.

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Rattan, Wicker, and Woven Everything

orange built-in bookcase

This trend made a strong showing in almost every single room—from the wicker chairs on the porch, to the rattan daybed in the living room designed by Natalie Papier, to the natural cane decorative boxes on the shelves in the office. If you don't want to invest in a large piece of furniture, even a small woven accent will help introduce the trend into your space.

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Olive Greens

Real Simple Home, Basement Lounge with green walls and sofa
Photography by Christopher Testani

In both the upstairs Zoom Room designed by Ryia Jose and the multi-purpose basement designed by Raili Clasen, the walls got a coat of olive green paint in various shades. Rich and complex, these greens look sophisticated, especially when paired with decorative molding or wall paneling.

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Grandmillennial Flair

Real Simple Home 2021, Primary Bedroom Bathroom
Christopher Testani

In the main bedroom, designed by Emily Henderson and Keyanna Bowen, the grandmillennial trend makes an appearance in the form of floral wallpaper and vintage-style rugs. One of the top decor trends of 2021, grandmillennial style is a revolt against minimalism, characterized by the comeback of old-fashioned patterns, tassels, drapes, and gilded mirrors.

When balanced by modern mirrors, light fixtures, and hardware, these frilly touches look anything but dated.

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DIY Architectural Details

Real Simple Home 2021, Attic olive paint
Photography by Christopher Testani

Check out the top home design influencers on Instagram right now, and you'll likely notice one element their spaces have in common: DIY wall moldings. An inexpensive trick to give a bland room some architectural interest, designers are installing molding to interior doors and walls. Crown moldings, ceiling medallions, and faux built-ins are also on-trend.

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Matte Black Appliances and Fixtures

Real Simple Home, Kitchen
Christopher Testani

Recently, the stark, all-white kitchen has been reconsidered by many designers in favor of moodier hues. In the kitchen of the 2021 Real Simple Home, designer Delia Kenza kept the space open and minimal, yet introduced dark wood cabinets, Cafe appliances in matte black, and a matte black faucet from Kohler.

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