If you want to deck out your tree with decorative ribbon, get inspired by these gorgeous Instagram-worthy designs. 

Christmas tree with ribbon and woman decorating
Credit: Arun Kuchibhotla / Unsplash

When you want to create a striking Christmas tree, nothing is as jaw-dropping as wrapping the tree in oversized swaths of ribbon. Extra-wide sheer ribbon adds serious drama to a tree, while thinner tartan looks classic, and colorful velvet makes a tree undeniably luxe. If you're not sure whether to wrap the ribbon around or cascade it down from the top of the tree, let these Instagram-worthy trees inspire you. Pick a design that matches your style—whether it's minimalist, traditional, or over-the-top—then grab a large spool of ribbon and get wrapping!

This monochromatic tree from The Grace House proves that a tree can be minimalist and opulent at the same time. To get the look, stick to a neutral color palette, wrap the tree in wide sheer ribbon, then add ornaments in the same hue.

Trees just don't get more elegant than this. For a lush display, weave the ribbon in and out of the tree as you wrap it around, creating a pattern of loops. This design will require a lot of ribbon, so be sure to buy a generous amount in order to achieve this effect.

To create this extravagant design, Renae Mahar, aka the Milliondollar Homemaker, secures lengths of ribbon to the top of the tree, and then cinches them down the tree to make loops and flairs. Watch her videos on Instagram and YouTube to follow along with the step-by-step tutorial.

For a colorful tree reminiscent of your favorite holiday candy, take a cue from Kate Kozan's design. Start with red-and-white striped ribbon, then twirl the ribbon gently as your wrap it around the tree to get the candy-striped look.

When garlands, ornaments, and tinsel just aren't enough, you know it's time to pull out the ribbon. Jen Robinson from Style House Interiors wove subtle rose-colored satin ribbon throughout her tree, letting some drip down for a grand effect.

For an old-fashioned effect, Les Bon Ribbon circled lengths of vintage red ribbon around a classic green tree with a mix of multi-colored ornaments.

If you want all the nitty gritty details on how to create perfectly-twirled ribbon, Inspired by Charm has them. As you can see in this closeup shot, the ribbon is twisted once before it's cinched back toward the tree's trunk. Follow the complete how-to on the blog, then try it on your own tree.