Check out these stunning front entrances. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 07, 2017
Spaces Images/Getty Images

This morning, Pantone announced its Color of the Year: Ultra Violet, a complex shade of purple that's rich and celestial-inspired. Some (including the New York Times) are a little surprised by this bold color choice, and at first glance, it may be hard to imagine how you might work this color into your own life, especially if you don't usually gravitate towards such vivid colors in your wardrobe or home. But on Instagram, we found one easy way to use this hue that's beautiful and striking, without being over the top. The front door is the perfect spot for a pop of Ultra Violet. It grabs attention right where you want it, at the front entrance to your home, and pulls visitors in. While you may not want to paint an entire room in this hue, when used in this one strategic spot, it makes a great first impression. Check out the stunning front entrances below, then go grab a paintbrush and follow our step-by-step painting tutorial for a Pantone-approved mini makeover.

On a white house surrounded in vines, this purple front door from Hamsa Interiors looks gorgeous. The shade is a little brighter than Ultra Violet, and it really makes a statement.

On a traditional home, an unexpected burst of purple freshens up the front entrance.

On a home with wood shingles, a purple door creates a beautiful contrast.

The color looks particularly striking as a backdrop for snowy winter weather.

This hue also looks beautiful beside a black brick exterior.