The Pantone Color of the Year 2022 Is Here—and It's Totally Unexpected

For the very first time, Pantone created a brand-new hue for Color of the Year.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022, Very Peri a vibrant periwinkle blue in an abstract graphic design
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When choosing the Pantone Color of the Year 2022, the Pantone Color Institute did something it hasn't done since its very first Color of the Year in 2000: It created a brand-new color rather than selecting one from the company's vast array of hues.

This meant the process behind choosing the Color of the Year had to break with tradition, too. After much deliberation, the company landed on a new color: Very Peri, a vibrant shade of periwinkle blue with energizing violet-red undertones.

Ahead of the announcement, we chatted with Lee Eiseman and Laurie Pressman, the executive director and vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, respectively, about the meaning and process behind the Color of the Year 2022. Here's what they revealed about the hue, plus some easy ways to work the color into your own home.

The Meaning Behind the Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Since its founding, the Pantone Color of the Year has sought to encapsulate the cultural moment and reflect the global zeitgeist. Very Peri attempts to do just that. "It embodies a courageous presence and encourages personal inventiveness and creativity," says Eiseman.

This complex hue is considered a member of the blue family (which is generally seen as familiar, steadfast, and comfortable), but by infusing it with an undertone of violet-red, it gains energy and dynamism, Eiseman explains. This combination of cool and warm tones feels new and unexpected—a reflection of the type of innovation history calls for. "It helps us to embrace the future and its possibilities, " says Eiseman.

"Every one of us, in different ways, whether personally or professionally, is looking to rewrite our lives and reimagine what our lives could be," says Pressman. Very Peri symbolizes the need for creative solutions and fortitude to address the challenges we face.

How the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 Was Chosen

Typically, the Color of the Year is chosen from Pantone's more than 2,000 existing colors. But for 2022, the company decided it was necessary to formulate a new color. Enter Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, which will now be added to the company's selection of solid color chips.

"You look around, and if you have to think of one word, it was 'transformation,'" says Pressman. Changing the process behind choosing the Color of the Year was another way to reflect our times.

"Previously, when we've added colors to the palette, we're adding them based on where we see color going, this, however, was done messaging-first and name-first, with a very clear vision of what this color needed to look like," explains Pressman. The team knew they wanted a futuristic color that reflected global innovation and one that had ties to the digital world—the technical aspects of developing the color and replicating it across mediums (e.g., printed paper, dyed fabric, digital assets, and more) followed from there.

How to Work Very Peri Into Your Home Decor

Eiseman's advice for decorating with Very Peri: "Be experimental with it, have fun with it, enjoy it, and it will bring you more joy." Whether you're already reaching for a paintbrush or want to start small, here are three easy ways to bring the color home.

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Paint an Accent Wall

Dunn-Edwards Bellflower Blue Violet Paint Color and paint can

Eiseman reports that she recently painted her own bedroom in a shade of periwinkle, inspired by Very Peri. "We have the inherent feelings of the mother color blue, but you've added that element of excitement and dynamism as an undertone—it's really a great color to use on the walls," she says. Follow her lead and brush the hue on a wall in your bedroom, bathroom, or dining room.

To prevent the hue from feeling overwhelming, consider painting one accent wall or opt for a softer shade of the hue. If you prefer a close match, you can have a custom paint color mixed up based on the Pantone chip, or try Bellflower by Dunn-Edwards.

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Shop for Accessories

Smily Face Pillow with purple smiley and black background
Urban Outfitters

Not ready to bust out the paintbrushes? Shop for inexpensive pieces of decor that include the hue, such as throw pillows and small area rugs. They'll also be easy to switch out whenever you're ready for a fresh look.

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Pick a Pattern

Anthropologie Kantha Quilt with Pattern and some purple details

If you'd like to introduce Very Peri into your home but want to take a subtler approach to the hue, keep an eye out for patterns that incorporate the color.

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