The pop-up restaurant just opened in Monaco.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 24, 2016
Pantone Cafe Snacks
Credit: Pantone Cafe

This café is literally a feast for the eyes and your stomach. Following its successful run in summer 2015, the pop-up Pantone Café is re-opening in Monaco this season from June 20th to September 9th. It’s located at the Grimaldi Forum, an arts and culture center, on Monaco’s seaside.

Since Pantone is a color identification system used by design, art, and fashion industries all over the world, its namesake café features color-coded beverages and snacks, too. Try Pantone 13-2804 Parfait Pink ham and butter, Pantone 18-1660 Tomato red mozza white sandwiches, a Pantone 16-0924 Croissant, or Pantone 18-1664 Fiery Red Lays chips.

The food isn’t the only colorful feature—everything from the café stand, chairs, and tables to the cups and napkins are all covered in Pantone hues. Just think of all the Instagram and photo opportunities.

If you can’t make it to Monaco this summer, check out these photos:

pantone cafe
Credit: Pantone Cafe

pantone espressos
Credit: Pantone Cafe

pantone juices
Credit: Pantone Cafe