These are the coziest (never stark!) white paint colors, according to paint pros.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 01, 2019
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Paint Colors That Can Warm Up a Room
Credit: Getty Images

If you want to make your home feel more cozy and comfortable, there are some obvious decor tricks you can try—buying throw blankets, investing in a space heater—but what about brushing on a fresh coat of paint? You may not think about it often, but the paint color in a room can have a big influence on whether the vibe of the space is cool or cozy. Figuring out which effect certain colors can have is the tricky part, so we consulted with some pro designers to get their picks for paint colors that will instantly warm up a room. When you want a living room that's snuggly or a bedroom that feels intimate, these are the hues you should brush on the walls. Want to cozy up your space? Pick up a paintbrush and consider one of these designer-approved paints.

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Warm Paint Colors, Timeless
Credit: Clare

1 Timeless by Clare

"If you’re looking to warm up a space with cooler light, opt for a versatile neutral with warm undertones," says interior designer Nicole Gibbons. "Timeless is a creamy and inviting off-white paint color that will envelop your space in warmth and reflect light beautifully."

When picking a color that will warm up a room, consider the direction the room faces and the tone of the natural light in the room. "I always recommend this shade as one of the best white options for anyone who wants to warm up a room with north-facing light, which tends to have a cooler, almost blue cast," explains Gibbons. "The warm undertones help to neutralize the cooler tones, creating the perfect balance. You can use this color as a foundation throughout your entire home or to make a stately great room feel more cozy."

To buy: Timeless, $49,

Best Warm Paint Colors, Pointing by Farrow & Ball
Credit: Farrow & Ball

2 Pointing by Farrow & Ball

 "It's the perfect warm white," says designer Emily Henderson about Farrow & Ball's Pointing. "Still bright and happy, but much softer than a bright white color. It feels like a light hug." What's not to love?

To buy: Pointing, $110,

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Swiss Coffee by Behr
Credit: Behr

3 Swiss Coffee by Behr

"I get asked all the time about what white to use that does not look too stark," says design blogger and author Jenni Radosevich of I SPY DIY. Her answer? Behr's Swiss Coffee. This white paint has warm undertones, "so you can get that bright look without the space looking sterile."

To buy: Swiss Coffee,

Front Porch by Sherwin-Williams
Credit: Sherwin-Williams

4 Front Porch by Sherwin-Williams

"A misconception we have is that warmer colors are in the red and orange family," says designer Anita Yokota, who designed the beautiful living room in the 2019 Real Simple Home. "Yet using these colors tends to be quite visually stimulating, and frankly, easy to get tired of in a room." The solution? Choose a bright, cool color that will actually make the space feel warmer. "My favorite is Sherwin William's Front Porch. A cool, bright gray actually warms a room up!" she explains. 

To buy: Front Porch,