This Outdoor Sectional Is More Comfortable Than My Indoor Couch—and There Are So Many More Reasons I Love It

I finally have the magazine-worthy outdoor space I've always wanted.

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Outer outdoor furniture

You know those picture-perfect magazine spreads or Instagram photos of dreamy outdoor entertaining spaces that look too perfect to be real? The ones filled with stunning furniture, expensive-looking décor, plants, some magical string lights, and even a fireplace (or perhaps, if you're really lucky, an infinity pool)? I've always wanted that (or at least a slice of that).

Prior to COVID, I had been living in a tiny Manhattan apartment for eight years. I had no reason to own outdoor furniture, but that still didn't stop me from scrolling through pages and pages of the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel sites and thinking, "someday."

Fast forward a year and a half into the pandemic and here I am, living in the countryside of Connecticut with plenty of outdoor space. Almost too much space to know what to do with. My partner and I decided to focus on the backyard patio, starting with finding a teak dining table and cozy sectional.

The dining table was easy. I found that at a local store and had a teak table with matching chairs within a few weeks. But I'm not here to tell you how much I love my dining table (I do). I'm here to tell you how much I absolutely love my new outdoor sectional. So much, in fact, that I decided to write an article about it after not having written a story in roughly three years (it's not part of my job anymore).

Finding the perfect sectional was nowhere near as easy as the dining set, so when an online retailer my team partners with, Outer, offered to send me an item to test out, the timing couldn't have been better. After searching for a reasonably priced, quality outdoor sectional for months (that I also didn't have to wait several more months to get), I jumped at the opportunity to try Outer's Teak Outdoor Corner Sectional (5 Seat) in Pacific Fog Gray.

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: $8,710;

Here's what makes my Outer sectional stand out—and why I'm now recommending the brand to everyone I know.


It's really, really comfortable—even more so than my indoor sectional (that I also happen to love). It's so comfortable that one of my dogs, Winston, bolts to the couch as soon as he gets outside (even forgetting he has to pee sometimes!). I'm actually lounging on it as I write this (next to Winston), and I'll probably stay here long after I'm done. It's not that I'm lazy (okay, maybe sometimes); it's more so that this couch makes it easy to relax. I struggle with back pain, and these cushions, partially made of memory foam, provide me with enough support while allowing me to get cozy and sink into them.

Outer outdoor furniture
Chloe Reznikov


I have two dogs, and one of them (I won't name names) likes to dig into furniture when he's trying to find a cozy spot or gets frustrated. This fabric not only holds up to the weather but also my energetic dog's claws. The water-resistant cushions remain completely dry even when it gets so humid that condensation will sit on the patio and rug for days. Since there's an overhang above my sectional, I haven't needed to cover it, but Outer includes sleek coverings for the cushions just in case.

I also appreciate that the cushions are made to be fade-proof, stain-resistant, mold-resistant, and easy to clean. I've had the sectional for nearly two months and it looks brand new despite having dogs and people sitting on it practically every day.

Look and Feel

I tend to like minimal furniture, and this piece is simple yet adds a little something special with its teak design. The sectional comes with side cushions, but I like the look of exposed wood slats, so I decided not to use those cushions (although I like having the option to). Because of its material and coloring, I don't notice dirt or stains from my dogs. And, unlike a lot of outdoor furniture, the cushions aren't stiff and they don't look plastic-y. The fabric is nice and actually a bit soft (it's not scratchy or itchy like some outdoor furniture I've tried).

Outer outdoor furniture
Chloe Reznikov

Easy to Assemble

All you need to do is take the teak base pieces out of their boxes, unwrap the cushions from their boxes, and put the wooden pieces and cushions together depending on the shape of the sectional you want. (No tools or hardware required!) The modular chairs can be arranged and rearranged for additional configuration possibilities, and Outer includes stainless steel clips that won't rust if you want to make sure each section stays together perfectly. You can actually set the sectional up to be either an L- or V-shape, making this piece especially versatile. (I went with an L-shape.)


Outer sources its teak wood from responsibly managed teak fields in Central Java. For each tree the company harvests, the farm plants three more in its place to help counteract climate change. Its Teak Collection is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the leading international authority on sustainable forest management.

Outer outdoor furniture
Chloe Reznikov

Free Shipping and Flexible Returns

Not only is shipping free, which is not common amongst other furniture companies, but Outer will let you try your purchase out for up to 14 days after delivery. If you aren't happy, you can send it back for free and get 100 percent of your money back. If you exceed the 14-day trial period and need to return it, Outer offers a return policy for up to 365 days after delivery, but you will need to pay a 20 percent fee and shipping costs for locations outside of Greater Los Angeles.

If you know anything about quality furniture, then you know it's not cheap (especially when it comes to teak). So, Outer's shipping and return policies are a huge perk when considering making a big purchase and having the flexibility to change your mind. The prices are significant, but that's to be expected when buying grade-A teak that is sustainably sourced and expertly crafted. High-quality teak furniture is known to last a lifetime, so I consider this a worthwhile long-term investment.

There's Something for Everyone

If you aren't as gung-ho about teak as I am, or perhaps you're looking for great outdoor furniture at a lower price point, Outer also makes aluminum and wicker styles along with colorful throw pillows, durable and eco-friendly rugs, and a bug shield blanket that I no doubt want to buy. Keep scrolling to shop more Outer products to transform your outdoor space — and, if you're anything like me, finally achieve that magazine-worthy outdoor space you've always wanted.

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: Aluminum Outdoor Sofa (3-Seat), $3,550;

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: Bug Shield Blanket, from $125;

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: Wicker Outdoor Armchair Conversational Set, $2,500;

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug in Pebble Gray, from $450;

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: Outdoor Throw Pillow, from $85;

Outer outdoor furniture

To buy: Teak Outdoor Coffee Table with Concrete Inlay, $1,250;

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