10 Products That Will Save Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

In this episode of Simply, Haley Cairo shares some secrets for cleaning your outdoor furniture the easy way.

After a summer spent lounging on your outdoor sofa, dining on the patio, and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit, it's almost time to prepare your outdoor furniture for a long (potentially snowy) winter. While we would never try to rush the end of summer, cleaning and maintaining your patio furniture now means you can savor those last licks of the season—and still be ready to cover and protect these pieces once winter arrives. In this episode of Simply, Haley Cairo walks us through the steps.

To start, give your patio furniture a scrub with some specialized cleaning solutions, followed by a rinse with the garden hose. Next, Scotchgard will protect upholstered pieces from sun and water, while wood conditioner will revive tables and chairs. Order covers for everything from sofas, to cushions, to umbrellas, so you'll be ready long before the cold weather hits.

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Carbona 2-1 Oxy Pro

carbona outdoor oxy cleaner

Not only is this outdoor furniture cleaner formulated to combat tough stains, but it also comes with a convenient, built-in applicator. The combination sponge-and-bristle brush will quickly clear away dirt and bird droppings, as well as set-in mold, mildew, and algae. The formula is effective, yet it's safe to use around plants and pets.

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CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner

CLR outdoor furniture cleaner

Pair this cleanser with a nylon scrub brush to clear away an entire summer's worth of dirt and debris on lounge chairs and lawn games. It's safe to use on a wide variety of materials—resin, plastic, rattan, wood, wrought iron—so you don't have to add a ton of new products to your cleaning stash.

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Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield

scotchgard outdoor sun water shield

To slow down sun fading and repel rainwater, spritz outdoor fabrics, such as your patio umbrella or chair cushions, with Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield. Earning more than 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this product helps keep outdoor pillows dry and makes dirt easier to wipe away.

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SunShield Outdoor Furniture Wax

SunShield Outdoor Furniture Wax

When left outside all year round, wood furniture is more susceptible to cracking, warping, and drying out. To stop the damage before it starts, this wood conditioner moisturizes the wood and inhibits UV rays.

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Patio Sectional Cover

sectional outdoor sofa cover

An outdoor sectional is a big investment, so you'll want to ensure it looks good for years to come. Over the winter, it's a good idea to remove the cushions and shield the frame with a waterproof cover. Come springtime, the sofa won't be as dirty and reducing its exposure to the elements will help it last for years.

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Outdoor Waterproof Patio Chair Covers

outdoor patio chair cover

To protect patio chairs up to 32 inches wide, these waterproof covers come with a drawstring hem and buckled straps for a secure fit that will stay in place even during winter storms.

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Rectangular Patio Table Cover

outdoor table cover

Waterproof yet breathable, this table cover will save your patio furniture from snow, sleet, and hail, while still allowing airflow to prevent mold from forming. It's designed to accommodate four to six chairs tucked beneath the table, so you can keep the entire set together to save space.

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Patio Umbrella Cover

patio umbrella cover

Before you order, carefully measure your umbrella: this cover fits round umbrellas with up to an 11-foot diameter. The UV-resistant coating prevents fading, so colorful umbrellas will look just as vibrant next summer.

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Outdoor Ottoman Cover

outdoor ottoman cover

If you have an outdoor ottoman or a low-profile coffee table, add this cover to your Amazon order. You can use it daily to prevent fading, or just during bad weather to save your patio furniture from rain and snow.

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Patio Cushion Storage Bag

Patio Cushion Storage Bag

Fabric patio cushions are often the first thing that needs to be replaced, thanks to mildew, dirt, and sun fading. This extra-large storage bag will protect your cushions from all three. Plus, the long, padded handles make it easy to transport the cushions and outdoor pillows into the basement or shed.

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