In this episode of Outdoor Upgrade, designer Riche Holmes Grant adds a tropical touch to a windy blank-slate balcony.

By Lisa Milbrand
May 26, 2021

Starting with a blank-slate balcony or patio can present a bit of a challenge, especially when you're trying to stay on a budget. On this episode of Outdoor Upgrade, designer Riche Holmes Grant tackles a balcony for Dia, who had a long wishlist for her 400-square-foot balcony. Dia was hoping to create spaces for entertaining and dining, plus get plenty of storage to hold her items during the winter. She was also hoping to include some no-maintenance greenery to give her some privacy and a bit of a tropical look.

Riche came up with a bold plan, which used multitasking items—like a deck box and storage coffee table—to provide space to hide away cushions and accessories when they aren't in use.

Faux greenery was installed over the partition walls and in planters so Dia won't have to worry about maintenance. She "planted" the plants in larger pots and weighted them down with stones to keep them in place.

To help ensure Dia's furnishings can survive whatever Mother Nature dishes out, Riche recommended she protect them with teak oil and metal sealants, and invest in furniture covers to shelter them when winter comes.

Check out the full upgrade in the video above.