Introducing Outdoor Upgrade, Our New Patio and Deck Video Makeover Series

See how design expert Riche Holmes Grant helps people transform their outdoor spaces with $1,000 and a little DIY ingenuity.

We're spending more time outside than ever before, so making your outdoor space more functional, fabulous, and fun is high on everyone's list. But it can be all too easy to blow your patio budget without getting a lot of bang for your buck. (If you've ever priced out patio furniture, you know how quickly it can add up!)

Fortunately, Real Simple design expert Riche Holmes Grant is here to help. Check out her weekly makeovers, full of patio design tips and ideas that work for every outdoor space, from the tiniest balcony to the perfect backyard deck. Watch how real people put her vision into action, putting in the hard work to create amazing new outdoor spaces on a budget.

Launch Date

The first episode of Outdoor Upgrade will be available on April 8—so watch this space for new episodes.

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