A Cozy and Cool Balcony Makeover for Under $1000

One deserving couple created the perfect relaxing outdoor space for less than $1,000—see how you can get the look on this week's episode of Outdoor Upgrade
By Lisa Milbrand
April 08, 2021
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Outdoor Upgrade helps people create the perfect outdoor spaces on a budget of $1,000 or less, with a little expert guidance from designer Riche Holmes Grant. On this week's episode, Riche helps Erin and her boyfriend, John, tackle a tiny apartment balcony.

Erin and John had just moved into their apartment when they were laid off due to COVID-19—so their plans to make over their balcony were put on hold. Riche came to the rescue, with design ideas that help them maximize their balcony. It's now the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine, and eventually, entertain guests. 

Try these takeaways to fix up your patio or balcony.

Weave in a little privacy

Erin wove artificial greenery into the balcony railing to help make it a little more private—and add extra (no-maintenance) greenery.

Look for foldaway furniture

If you're short on space, look for tables and furniture that are easily folded away, so you can adjust the space if you need to squeeze in more guests, or want to take your yoga practice out onto the balcony.  

Seek out cohesive elements

Riche went with a natural, textured palette for the balcony, with rattan and macrame elements. Once you decide on a color and style, look for ways to pull that in through accessories and furnishings.

Outdoor upgrades

Knit Throw Blanket


For cooler nights, a comfy blanket helps make staying outdoors a lot more comfortable. This textured throw is machine washable—perfect for outdoor use.

Outdoor upgrades

Outdoor Solar Lanterns


Natural rattan lanterns give a more rustic vibe to a balcony—and since they're solar powered, there's no need to mess with batteries or worry about outlets.

Outdoor upgrades

Macrame Plant Hangers


Save precious floor space by hanging your greenery up with these macrame plant hangers.

Outdoor upgrades

Woven Planters


Pop your favorite plants into seagrass planters give you a more natural, textured look.

Outdoor upgrades

Branch Hooks


For a more rustic look, use these charming branch hooks to hold small planters or other decorative elements. 

Outdoor upgrades

Jute Pouf


Put your feet up (or have an extra spot for seating) with this textured jute stool.

Outdoor upgrades

Macrame Throw Pillows


Add a little all-natural texture (and a lot of coziness) with these pretty throw pillows.

Outdoor upgrades

Macrame Hanging


Plants don't have to be the only decorative element you use outdoors. You can dress up a boring wall with an elegant macrame hanging.

Outdoor upgrades

Privacy Wall Screen


Hide unattractive elements or add a little privacy with artificial greenery that won't fade or brown.

Outdoor upgrades

Rattan Chairs


A pair of lightweight natural chairs makes for comfy seating—and can easily be moved around as needed. 

Outdoor upgrades

Zip Ties


Inexpensive zip ties are great for securing outdoor lighting and other decorative elements.

Outdoor upgrades

Succulent Plants


If you need a low-maintenance planting for your balcony, succulent plants may be the way to go, as they require little watering or care.

Outdoor upgrades

Plastic Plant Pots


These small modern white planters are the perfect size for small plants like succulents—and they're plastic, so they won't shatter if they're accidentally dropped. 

Outdoor upgrades

Green Zip Ties


Green zip ties are perfect for securing faux greenery, so you can't see the attachment.

Outdoor upgrades

Pillow Inserts


Fluffy pillow inserts can be changed up with new covers if you decide to redesign and redo your patio.