4 Ways to Rid Your Porch or Patio of Bugs All Summer Long

So you can actually enjoy those summer nights spent outside.

Love to eat outside on a summer night, but hate the feeling that you're porch or patio is crawling with tiny bugs? You may think there's nothing you can do, but taking some proactive steps now can keep the outdoor pests in check all summer long. Follow these tips to eliminate bugs, like cockroaches and silverfish, from your deck or patio. A big added bonus: Pest-proofing the perimeter of your house will also help secure the inside.

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Get Rid of Standing Water

You've probably heard this tip before, but it bears repeating: Eliminate standing water if you don't want mosquitoes biting. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, so even a watering can that has collected rainwater can quickly become a bug breeding ground.

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Cut Down the Brush

If you've ever taken a hike through tall grasses, you may have taken care to protect yourself from ticks and bugs by wearing long pants, socks, and closed shoes. The same concept applies to your backyard—tall grasses can attract ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Keep your lawn cut to the recommended 3-inch height, and dispose of cut brush rather than letting it sit in the yard.

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Light Some Citronella Candles

Not only is citronella a nostalgic smell of summer for many, but this natural oil can help ward off mosquitoes. If dining outdoors, place a couple of citronella candles as a centerpiece on the table, then arrange a few more around the perimeter of the sitting area.

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Build a Birdhouse

Another way to reduce the bug population in your backyard? Introduce more of their natural predators. Buying or building a birdhouse or setting up a birdbath will invite more birds to your backyard. Not only will they provide hours of bird-watching entertainment, but they will dine on the ants, moths, and aphids in your yard while they're there.

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