Shoot the breeze in the backyard with your entertainment of choice.

By Hana Hong and Sarah Yang
April 30, 2020
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It might be hard to imagine picnicking in the park or lounging on the beach right now, but a little outdoors time (even if it’s just hanging out in the backyard) can be a refreshing change of pace. If you want a break from playing board games indoors, these fun outdoor options are perfect for laying out on the grass and will keep the whole family involved in hours of activity. And if you don’t have a lawn? Crack open some windows, clear out some space, and make the living room your playground! 

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Spikeball 3-Ball Set

One of the most popular lawn games out there, Spikeball is a combination of volleyball and foursquare. Think of it like volleyball, but instead of the ball going over the net, the other team takes over when the ball hits the net.

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Ladderball Outdoor Game Set

Stand back and toss your bola around the ladder-shaped goal to earn points based on where it lands. Unlike flimsier sets out there, this one is comprised of steel tubes so it will last for longer.

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GoSports Croquet Set

As simple as croquet is, the addictive feeling of scoring a ball through a hoop will keep you hooked. This gorgeous set features hand-painted colors and durable wooden mallets, and allows for up to five of your family members to play at once.

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Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

You can place the rope board (that’s a little more than two-feet by two-feet) on the sand or grass for a competitive game of tic tac toe. When it’s time to pack everything up, store the painted oak Xs and Os in a burlap bag.

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Consider this new game a combination of bocce ball, bowling, and horseshoes. It’s a versatile game that can be played on the lawn or in the sand. The objective is to roll disks towards a goal—players are awarded points based on how close their disks land to the goal and if they land facing up, down, or sideways.

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Yard Dominoes

Oversized dominoes make for a fun group activity in your backyard. The handmade pieces are made of solid pine and come with a jute drawstring bag.

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Viva Sol Bean Bag Toss Set

Whether you call it a beanbag toss or cornhole, this classic lawn game is fun because it gets the whole group involved with teams of two. A walnut finish and bright all-weather canvas bags elevate this portable set, so it will look good in your backyard all summer long.

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OgoSport Game Set

Toss and bounce the OgoSport ball (or use any type of small ball) with the two trampoline-like disks, or use the disks as a Frisbee. This set can be used at the beach, pool, or backyard.

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Turn your picnic into a massive checkers tournament. This board is made of canvas and rolls up so you can easily tote it around. Plus, you won’t have any missing pieces since you can store them inside the built-in pouch.

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