It’s a space that’s perfect for entertaining.

By Sarah Yang
Updated July 26, 2017

When actress, writer, and mom-to-be Mindy Kaling moved into her new home, located in Los Angeles’s Hancock Park neighborhood, less than a year ago, she inherited plenty of outdoor space with a beautiful stone terrace, an expansive lawn, and a swimming pool. It was the first time she had a yard of that size and, with that much outdoor square footage, she knew she would have to decorate it with entertaining in mind.

The Mindy Project star enlisted the help of interior designer Katie Ridder (who also worked on the interiors of her new house) and The Studio at One Kings Lane stylist, Alyssa Lewis. “In my New York apartment I have a cleaner aesthetic—cream as the base with pops of color, which is typically what people do in Los Angeles,” Kaling says. “And my Los Angeles home is just full of color and really gilded inside and out, so I kind of swapped coasts. In New York I needed to have a more sophisticated feel, which I think the apartment reflects, but out here, my style is more maximalist and full of colors and prints.”

The sleek backyard design is inspired by a resort that Kaling stayed at while on vacation in Turks and Caicos. The result is a colorful and sophisticated space that’s more cozy than stuffy. “I wanted a house with a lot of outdoor space so I could invite my writing staff over to barbecue, drink beers, hang out,” she says. “I have a giant dining table too, so I can have Nancy Meyers-style dinner parties out here… or that’s my fantasy anyway!”

One big thing that Kaling was happy to let Ridder—whom she had "stalked" on Instagram before hiring—take the lead on was figuring out the layout of the space. “Mindy wanted the space to function in a lot of different ways,” Ridder says. The designer created zones for lounging and dining with teak furniture and accessories from One Kings Lane. The patio seating and accents are in dreamy blues, while the poolside lounging area has white chaise seating with plenty of colorful accessories.

Now that the outdoor space is all set for guests, the hostess still has a few goals: “There are a lot of things I need to do with my current backyard, I have to learn how to barbecue, I need to learn how to swim better, I need to learn how to play croquet,” Kaling says. “Those are some upcoming challenges for me, in this new outdoor Mindy Kaling lifestyle that I’ve decided to adopt.”

Take a look at photos of the backyard below:

mindy kaling outdoor seating
Credit: Joe Schmelzer

mindy kaling pool
Credit: Joe Schmelzer

mindy kaling patio table
Credit: Joe Schmelzer

Photography by Joe Schmelzer