6 Ways to Make Your Patio as Cozy and Comfortable as Your Living Room

We have two words for you: outdoor sectionals.

Crate & Barrel Outdoor Living Room in desert
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For many of us, the backyard or patio isn't just a spot for weekend hangouts, it's our second living room, our outdoor dining room, and even our new home office. Noticing the trend toward outdoor living, the design pros at Crate & Barrel created an entire collection that brings all the comforts of the indoors outside. "Something we are seeing customers value more—this idea of making your outdoor space as comfortable as your interior living room," says Sebastian Brauer, VP of product design at Crate & Barrel. "You want to be able to create that feeling of easy living, of relaxation."

The answer: invest in outdoor sectionals that are comfier than your indoor sofa and stylish rugs that can withstand the elements. Then swap your family's Netflix time for making s'mores around the fire pit. Here's everything you'll need to design an outdoor oasis so cozy, it will make your living room jealous.

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Invest in a Weather-Resistant Sectional

Crate & Barrel, Zuma Outdoor Sectional in gray on patio
Crate & Barrel

Sectionals that you can sprawl out on aren't just for indoors. This summer, spacious L-shaped sofas will turn your patio into a second living room that's every bit as comfortable as the first.

To help the sofa survive the elements, the light gray upholstery is weather-resistant, while the metal frame elevates the fabric a few inches above the ground.

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Find Your Throne

Crate & Barrel Campana Lounge Chair in beige
Crate & Barrel

To cozy up a small balcony, invest in an upholstered outdoor swivel chair. Combining the comfort of your favorite indoor recliner with the durability of a lounge chair, consider this your reading and napping headquarters for the next several months.

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Add an Outdoor Rug

Crate & Barrel Ikat Outdoor Rug in black
Crate & Barrel

The simple addition of a rug not only makes an outdoor space look instantly styled, but it feels much softer than patio pavers underfoot. Choose a dark gray, black, or navy rug that will camouflage dirt. For a thorough cleaning, just rinse with a garden hose.

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Don't Forget the Entertainment

Crate & Barrel Fire Pit
Crate & Barrel

When your family gathers in the living room, everyone's focus is likely on the TV—but in your outdoor living room, redirect attention to the fire pit. Then, go ahead and roast marshmallows or tell scary stories around the fire.

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Get it Glowing

Crate & Barrel Rattan Lanterns
Crate & Barrel

If you're going to enjoy long, leisurely evenings outdoors, you'll need an assortment of lanterns to light up the night.

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Keep Bugs at Bay

Crate & Barrel, Citronella Candle in ceramic holder
Crate & Barrel

To keep pesky mosquitoes away from your lounging zone, set out bug-repelling citronella candles. This giant centerpiece candle not only deters bugs, but the nostalgic aroma smells like summer.

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