We Found It: Custom Covers That Fit All of Your Outdoor Furniture (and Actually Look Nice)

They make covers for grills, fire pits, and outdoor heaters, too.

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This summer and fall, as COVID-19 moved many of our get-togethers outdoors, those of us who are lucky enough to have a backyard, patio, balcony, or even just a garage put our outdoor spaces to work. With this switch to outdoor entertaining, patio furniture, grills, and fire pits took on new importance. No matter if you're planning to give your outdoor space a break for the winter or still intend to gather around an outdoor heater, investing in durable covers is one of the best ways to help your patio furniture survive the season. Skip the bulky blue tarp—we've found a solution that's as stylish as it is sturdy.

Last spring, my dad (who happens to have impressive woodworking skills) built a beautiful wooden table for my deck. Over the next eight months, it would serve as a gathering spot for socially distanced gatherings, a small birthday party, and even an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps not surprisingly, I've spent far more time this year around my outdoor table than around my indoor one.

To keep this handmade table for years to come, I knew I'd need to keep it protected from ice and snow this winter. Without a basement or garage to stash it away from the elements, I was ready to resort to an unsightly (yet waterproof) tarp. That is, until my parents recommended Covers & All, a company that creates customized weatherproof covers to fit any type of outdoor furniture, grill, or fire pit. You select the shape of the item you're covering—whether round or rectangular—enter the exact dimensions, choose a fabric type and color, and can even personalize it with text, an image, or logo. Instead of a bright blue eyesore in my yard all winter, I could order a sleek black, gray, white, or beige fabric cover perfectly tailored to my table. There are also three waterproof fabric options to choose from: one for moderate weather, one for harsh weather conditions, plus "Cover Fab," which has a fabric feel. Wanting the opposite of a crinkly, shapeless tarp, I went with "Cover Fab." Spoiler alert: I'm so glad I did.

When the cover arrived, the outside was crafted from a light gray woven fabric, while the inside was lined with a durable PVB backing. The company had added an extra inch to the width and depth dimensions I provided, making the cover easy to slip on, but once in place, the made-to-measure cover was a perfect fit.

Outdoor Furniture Cover on Hot Tub
Covers & All

Based on the dimensions of my table (about 31 by 56 inches), the total cost came to around $100, with slight variations in price for the three different fabric options. These custom covers are an investment, for sure, but compared to the price and wastefulness of replacing furniture each year, it feels well worth the upfront cost. Plus, because Covers & All makes each cover to order, you can protect everything from lounge chairs and outdoor sofas to heaters, hot tubs, and fountains.

The true test will come when we have our first snow of the year, but judging by the waterproof liner and durable straps designed to withstand heavy wind, I suspect the cover (and my table) will weather the storm. One thing's for certain: I won't be going back to the ugly plastic tarp anytime soon.

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