Cue the camp nostalgia—here's everything you need to host a camp out, right at home. 

By Emily Hsieh
June 15, 2018
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At the heart of every camp is a fire. In your own backyard, a fire pit makes it easy and keeps it contained (event planner Tara Guérard likes the Red Ember Cast Iron Fire Pit, $140; Spread gravel beneath your fire pit to create a barrier between it and any flammable debris. If you choose to light an in-ground fire, check with your town’s public safety office first to confirm local regulations. To create extra seating, contact a nearby tree-removal company to get stumps to use as stools. Old-school games, like cornhole, horseshoes, and lawn dice, never fail to please. You can also look for oversize outdoor versions of Jenga or dominoes.

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