The 6 Best Places to Shop for Outdoor Rugs

These durable rugs will turn your deck, patio, or porch into an outdoor living room.

Marisol Indoor / Outdoor Rug from lulu and georgia

When it comes to designing our outdoor spaces, we tend to prioritize function over form. And while it's true that you need to have an outdoor dining set that seats all members of your family, a grill that can cook up enough burgers for the neighbors, and an umbrella that shades your favorite spot to chill, you also need a fresh-air sanctuary that evokes the same happy feelings the rest of your (beautifully decorated, we're certain) home does.

One of the quickest ways to add a bit of "cozy" to your outdoor space is in the form of an outdoor rug. From cushioning your trip between the sunroom and the patio, to tying together your alfresco living room, outdoor rugs are a great way to bring color, pattern, and personality to your space. As a bonus, laying down an extra layer atop your stone patio or wood deck can also reduce damage to heavily trafficked surfaces and save your bare feet from the high temps of the midday summer sun.

Before you go roll out any old rug on your deck, know this: outdoor rugs are marketed as such for a reason. Unlike indoor rugs, which may utilize materials like wool and cotton, outdoor rugs are specially designed to withstand elements like rain, mildew, and bright sunlight. Typically made from plant fibers (like jute) or hand-made materials (like polyester or polypropylene), outdoor rugs can stand up to the wear and tear of the great outdoors and will often hold their shape and color better than their indoor counterparts. And, while using an indoor rug outdoors is a no-no, laying down an outdoor rug inside is totally fine—and may even be a good idea if your house is home to a few active kids or pets.

Looking for a few stylish options for your very own backyard? Here are some of our favorite spots to shop for outdoor rugs.

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Ruggable Outdoor Rug, textured beige rug on patio

Ruggable first made waves in the industry thanks to its patented two-piece rug system, which combines a lightweight, washable decorative rug cover with a durable, non-slip rug pad. Well, we have good news: its outdoor rugs are just as easy-to-clean as its indoor ones, utilizing the same washable, fade-free materials. That means whether you're tracking in mud from gardening or dropping a BBQ wing off the grill, you can quickly and easily clean up your mess and have your rug looking brand new. The styles range from quiet and traditional colorways to bold and playful patterns, ensuring you'll be able to find a new favorite outdoor rug no matter your decor vibe.

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RugsUSA, Blue Patterned Outdoor Rug

RugsUSA is one of my go-to sources for affordable indoor rugs that don't skimp on quality (the jute styles are some of the best I've tried!), and the brand's outdoor rugs certainly follow suit. If you're not sure exactly what style you're looking for and just want to browse a bunch of pretty options, this is definitely the spot for you. RugsUSA has hundreds of outdoor rugs to choose from, ranging from jute and seagrass to graphic black-and-white patterns and textural, braided styles. Bonus: the shipping is incredibly fast and they have a ton of styles in stock, so if you're trying to deck out your deck before the start of summer, you're in luck!

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Orange and Red vibrant patterned rug in sunroom

How cool is this: Every one of FabHabitat's rugs is made from recycled materials, including cotton, soda bottles, and plastic (most of which has been taken from the world's oceans)! The brand has sustainability at its core, focused on producing stylish home accessories that are good for the planet, too. Its products are also GoodWeave certified, meaning fair trade principles (like no child, forced, or bonded labor, and no harmful ingredients) were upheld during production. Add to that the fact that the pattern and color options are seriously stylish, and you've got a brand you can feel good about in more ways than one.

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Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia Outdoor Rug, gray patterned Tami rug
Lulu and Georgia

If sophisticated neutrals are your thing, look no further than the stunning styles on Lulu and Georgia. The whole selection screams California cool. Its offerings are more limited, but expertly curated so you know you're getting a piece that is high-quality and timeless. Bonus: it boasts some of the largest sizes we've seen (up to 12-by-15 feet), so if you have an especially expansive backyard, this is a great resource for you.

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Dash and Albert

Blue and White Plaid Outdoor Rug
Annie Selke

If you have a family with kids or pets, you're going to want an outdoor rug that can hold up to all of that wear and tear. Enter: Dash and Albert by Annie Selke. Beloved for its plush and sophisticated indoor rugs, the outdoor styles are just as noteworthy, thanks to a unique polyester blend that makes them soft underfoot, yet washable, scrubbable, and reversible. Dash and Albert rugs are a great option for homes with a sunroom or attached breezeway—they'll blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home's decor and won't scream, "Hi, I'm an outdoor rug!"

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Target Tufted Outdoor Rug in Beige

If playful patterns are your outdoor M.O., you're going to want to check out Target ASAP. The store's outdoor rugs bring personality and whimsy to your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Another perk: styles designed for collections with sub-brands like Threshold or Opalhouse are often paired with complementary decor pieces, so it's easy to outfit your entire outdoor space with a cohesive vibe that makes every day feel like a vacation.

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