I Tried This Hanging Lounge Chair With Nearly 3,000 Five-Star Ratings, and It's a Must-Have for Summer

It’s seriously worth every penny.
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Buying furniture online can be tricky: You start Googling, read mixed reviews, search some more, and repeat until you finally order something—and cross your fingers that it's as good in real life as you imagine it will be. The Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Lounger Swing Chair was one of those items for me, and it turned out to be so worth it.

At first, I'll admit, I was skeptical. How could something designed like that possibly have more than 3,000 five-star ratings? And by "like that," I mean the seemingly gravity-defying curved metal frame that's supposed to hold a person up to 265 pounds up by a hook. It seemed like it might be too good to be true. 


To buy: $230;

While I can't claim to know how it does it, the best-selling outdoor swing chair is exactly as all of those positive Amazon reviews described it. One shopper even calls it their "best buy this year," and I completely agree. Though the canopy doesn't provide a lot of shade unless it's positioned under a tree or awning, it will at least protect your eyes from the sun while the frame allows the breeze to rock the chair from side-to-side. The cushion is cozy and easy to remove for cleaning or prepping for inclement weather, which is key for outdoor furniture.

For a bonus feature, I bought this LED-lit version for $20 more. Although it has fewer reviews than the original hanging chaise, it's the same Best Choice Products lounger with an added light at the top, which makes it perfect for hanging out on summer nights. Whether you're looking for a backyard book nook, a relaxing deck swing, or a hammock alternative, this swinging lounge chair is calling your name—with or without the lights. Both versions also come in multiple colors to match your outdoor decor, including navy, red, teal, gray, and more. 


To buy: $250;

Before you go ahead and make your purchase, I will note: Assembly is simply not meant for one person, especially if you don't typically lift weights or heavy things, and you should prepare to break a sweat when putting it together. After all, each pole is quite long and heavy in order to make the chair sturdy, which naturally makes it a bit tricky to put together. Once you get the swing chair assembled, though, I can confirm it will all be worth it. When I laid back on it for the first time, I truly never wanted to get up again. (Just make sure you only get on the seat from the side the way the instruction manual warns.)

Shop the Best Choice Products Outdoor Hanging Lounger at Amazon, and you'll be floating on cloud nine all summer long.